Kinda disappointed we haven't had any cicadas. There's a patch of Brood X around Princeton, which is about forty miles north of us, but apparently the area between there and the main body of them in the DC area is pretty sparse. I shoulda known our Pine Barrens soil (key word: barren) wasn't good for them.


I spoke too soon: there are cicadas screaming in the trees out front now.

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@gamehawk Southern California continues to be a cicadia free zone.

@alienghic We're theoretically in Brood X range, but they're theoretically not as dense as in DC and come out later.

And of course we get the non-periodic fall ones.

@gamehawk Really? I haven’t heard any over here in BurlCo. I’ve got 2030 marked on my calendar though, since that’s when Brood II is supposed to emerge.

@donutage There were maybe two of them singing when I went to the grocery store and zero when I came back so I don't know if they're waiting for the heat to die down a little or if something ate them.

My first reaction was "wow the tree frogs are being loud" and then "waaaaait a MINUTE?!"

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