Mask-use update!

One-room post office: Still required, 100% compliance (2 of 2 😆).

PetSmart: Not required, almost 100% masked anyway (1 employee unmasked, showing small pets to a masked family including <12's)

Aldi: Not required(? forgot to check), almost 100% masked anyway (all but 1 mother/daughter pair unmasked, extremely North Jersey stereotypes w/bleach-blond high ponies and oversized sunglasses indoors).

According to Aldi's website they no longer require masks for unvaccinated customers *or* employees, so hopefully high-pony pair were just vaccinated and fine. But see, this is why I made these!


Today's Aldi mask status: majority still masking, but a few more (including employees) maskless today. Still far, far below the county vaccinated percentage, so that's good. I went during semi-peak time for a change so I figure it's overall a bolder/less-at-risk crowd.

I'm gonna continue to mask up in the grocery store just because it's an essential place, people need to feel comfortable/safe there and there shouldn't be peer pressure to unmask too soon.

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