Many years ago, Service Pack 2 detected my Nvidia driver as something weird and decided my Windows XP was counterfeit. Microsoft's response to the situation was generally "buy Windows again" so I made the leap to Linux. LXDE/Openbox looked enough like Windows and I had already been switching things like CorelDraw to Inkscape, PageMaker to Scribus, etc. so it was pretty seamless. And I kinda haven't messed with it since.


Fastforward to today: VLC is wedged up against the top of my screen with its entire top bar inaccessible, so I can't move it on the screen (I can only max/min it from the taskbar) or resize it. Should I... should I be looking for something better than OpenBox?

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@gamehawk some window managers use alt+click in a window to drag it. Sometimes it's other modifiers. It's quite useful in situations like that.

@loke Oh hey thanks, that does work. I had tried various combinations of middle click and whatnot but didn't even think about trying modifier keys.

That's not been the only weird quirk OpenBox has had though; it's gotten progressively worse (albeit in teeny little ways) and even been a little crashy lately.

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