I really really REALLY hate CVS but Carl's the one with regular prescriptions so I reluctantly accept it as our pharmacy. I signed in to see if my doc had sent the inhaler script I asked for, and:

Can't sign in without giving my cell #.
That automatically signs you up for texts.
Attempting to opt out is... entirely Hotel Californian.

Is it really "consent" if it's not optional?

(Also, not just texts but robocalls. And the CVS recorded voice was like they put out a casting call for "Voice actor who can do the most smarmy, irritating voice possible.")


(okay weirdly if you *just* change the slider it lets you submit, and if you go back in the phone number and checkbox have been cleared. And then it sends a special little text TO TELL YOU YOU'VE OPTED OUT of texts; just one last little fuck-you)

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