Supposed to get thunderstorms today which will knock all the dust/smoke out of the air so I can figure out whether this is air-quality related or whether I caught something while traveling. (My only symptoms are post-nasal drip and chest congestion, so not *that* Something.)

Hasn't rained yet but I am 99.9% sure I caught something. 😒

We were masked with everybody but family, but also one side of the family brought home a non-covid something from camp a few weeks ago so maybe that was it? So far, not serious but I am extremely happy I picked up an albuterol inhaler for the trip (because of the smoke). Didn't use it the whole trip but definitely using it now.

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stilllll hasn't rained (though there have been fun storms, including a tornado, north of us)

Thinking of scheduling a covid test tomorrow, just for peace of mind.


Update: sending Carl over to pick up a home test kit, because I'm impatient, and also because I don't want to have a coughing jag on the way over and drive into a tree.

Taking pseudoephedrine every four hours yesterday seems to have knocked out most of the cough, but every now and then I get a little phlegm to which my body COMPLETELY overreacts. I mean, sure, for a split-second my airway is completely blocked, but it does not require *that* much violence to clear it. Ow.

Insert obligatory joke about it looking like a pregnancy test.

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