In a perfect fediverse you'd be able to subscribe to other sites' local timelines.

(Seriously. I don't have enough Philly-specific content to maintain a presence on but I'd like to have its local feed as a column in my client here. And I pop in to my forwarded account on now and then just to see what doesn't make it to Why should I have to do this?)

If you use android and fedilab as a masto client, you can do this by selecting an account that you already follow from that instance, click their icon and than select the 3dots in the upper right, follow instance. It's now a tab in addition to home federated etc.

@lps @wdavery Huh! A lot of sites don't let you view their local TL's on the web without being logged in so I just assumed that policy carried over to the API as well. I'll have to see if Tusky supports that.

@gamehawk @wdavery I can't vouch for Tusky but Fedilab is free on fdroid, you can always test if it's not possible on Tusky.

@lps @wdavery Yeah, I'll have to check. Although as an Old I prefer my desktop life. But if it's available in the API maybe I'll finally write that client I keep threatening to...

@gamehawk Some clients let you do this! Toot! on iOS let’s you view other local timelines and you can just swipe through the ones you’ve saved

@gamehawk why not? or rather, if not, why should that be a deterrent? not *everyone* can install nginx, but those people don't _get_ to have reverse proxies.

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