You know what's great about when your kid reaches adulthood? When you get sick you can just dump all the household responsibility on them.



Also: decided to go six hours between ibuprofen and Sudafed because while it's "take every 4-6 hours" it's also "no more than 4x per day" and yeah, NOT ready for that yet. Gonna swap in some acetaminophen in the morning (it gives me weird dreams) so my liver doesn't hate me but yyyeah, glad I got the family-size Sudafed. *koffkoff*

Managed to go all night (almost nine hours!) without getting up for meds, though this morning that meant realizing just how many muscles are sore that the ibuprofen was masking. Good news is, I'm not coughing much at all anymore, though I still need to blow my nose now and then and whoof those muscles are just worn out.

I cooked dinner last night (boiled some pasta, heated up jarred spaghetti sauce and frozen notmeat balls) with the agreement kid would do the dishes. That has not happened.

Current cold status:

Meds+5 hours=This is fine, I think I'm mostly over this

Meds+5 hours+5 minutes=Nose running like a faucet, achey

come onnnnn

Current cold status: went most of the day without taking decongestants 🎉

Kid is now sick too :ohno:

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@gamehawk "Now sick"? At this point I'm recovering and probably going to be fine tomorrow... you're kinda late to the announcement :P

@sunsetmoth I hope so, but I've been riding that roller coaster for almost a week now.

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