Amazon Studios: what should we make next

Market researchers: gritty remakes are a perennial favorite

Amazon Studios: on it

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@gamehawk I stopped watching modern films when they stopped coming up with new ideas. I refuse to watch a remake of an already perfect movie!

@GoatsLive Occasionally there are some good reimaginings, but scrolling down this page always just has me continuously muttering "what... why?" "oh no" or "that's gonna be awful." With the occasional "well it can't be worse than the original" or "that's a sequel, not a remake."

@gamehawk I had Michael York in my studio before I retired, and I raised my left hand and said, "Logan 5 identify" and he cracked up. I told him I prayed they never did a remake as his version was perfect. He agreed with me. ...and there it is in the list! Yuck!

@gamehawk Oh good. I asked Patric Stewart why on earth he was doing the Lion In Winter movie and he was quite honest, he said he was making millions for reprising the role! (He's no Peter O'Toole!)

@gamehawk I just read that list to my wife, a former TV movie reviewer who said she is very happy she's not reviewing the dreck that is being produced now days!

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