The problem with changing instances is that I have yet to find another instance that is
1) general purpose (nerd/tech is general enough for my purpose)
2) someplace I won't be the only woman visible on the local TL
3) large enough to have an active local TL

Maybe I should just scrap requirement 1 and meld this with my account, I dunno. It's not as though I've managed to maintain a straight Brand face over there or anything.

Criterion 3 also encompasses "large enough to have multiple moderators, ideally with or at least approaching around-the-clock moderation," since I've now had more than one case where a recommended instance had a problematic TL and either the single mod was overworked or AWOL.

Tangentially related: In my Masto client that I'm never gonna get around to writing, it will pop up an alert when the site owner has not posted in a configurable period of time.

*makes direct eye contact with*

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