The problem with changing instances is that I have yet to find another instance that is
1) general purpose (nerd/tech is general enough for my purpose)
2) someplace I won't be the only woman visible on the local TL
3) large enough to have an active local TL

Maybe I should just scrap requirement 1 and meld this with my account, I dunno. It's not as though I've managed to maintain a straight Brand face over there or anything.

@gamehawk the folks are good folks who meet those qualifications. they'd still be my home instance if I wasn't kinda obsessive about running my own stuff these days.

@sungo Oh hell to the naws, I am about to chat about switching from Debian to Ubuntu and that would go about as well as that time I was a woman on

@gamehawk Don't let the name fool you. They're not fanatics. Just good often-bsd-adjacent tech folks :)

@AFresh1 @sungo Evidently it was an aberration. But not the "strongly bsd flavored" part, and I don't think it would be right to show up and live-post the inevitable travails of moving from Debian to Ubuntu right off the bat.

@gamehawk the "help" you would get would likely not be the help you wanted. Although, perhaps the help you needed all along. (OK, probably not) @sungo

@AFresh1 I don't think we need to be trying to sell @gamehawk on an instance they've already said is not in their interest.
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