*this* close to running my little transfer-follows utility except I can't find how to follow someone in the API directly and the (somewhat broken) Mastodon::Client Perl library only knows how to follow based on the numeric ID (which only works for following on your own instance because, uh, I think the library is old enough there was only the one...)

I mean... surely clients don't have to go the ActivitySub route for cross-site follows, right?

(suddenly feel like I'm in the Anakin-and-Padme meme)

No, wait, that's still ID-only. Yeah, that has to be ActivitySub, doesn't it. 😒

Okay, so if you search on the user the site should return its local database ID for it so, problem solved probably.

At least, assuming I can get authorization to work for weirder.earth.

Oh whoops copied a key twice instead of an id, fixed.

Searches all return blank though. 🤔

Okay, searches on the user's url don't work but on the user@domain format do, whatevs. (Probably an encoding issue; I've run into double-encoding situations in this library before.)

But the follow command in the library doesn't work. Bah. Should just build a CSV to import instead. (I'm filtering all the inactive people/duplicates.)

@gamehawk you can do search for each account url and get their id on the new instance that way?

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