TIL the "New Jersey Autism Registry" is mandatory.

NJSA 26:2-187, all health care professions must report a diagnosis of ASD in children residing in NJ from birth to age 22.

(You can omit name/address, but still. :grimacing: )

@datapup I found out about this because our doc sent a letter giving us a 30-day opt-out window. Kid has an IEP so it's not like it's a secret from the state or anything, it's just... bad optics, I guess.

@datapup Yeah, I mean, they do explain that it's because the CDC noted a higher-than-normal incidence when they sampled four Jersey counties (hi, Superfund much? If there's an enviro trigger I'm sure it's around here) so they want a formal survey, and you can opt out of being identified, but still, "Registry" was a STUPID thing to call it because history.

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