Okay everyone, if you want to see the new standard I'm working on (Linked Data Capabilities) it's available here: w3c-ccg.github.io/ld-ocap/

I tried to include a gentle introduction-by-narrative-example, which I think was also very helpful in ActivityPub.

Very interested in feedback if you have it!


@cwebber Hold on, Alyssa *lives* with Ben? But she had to send him an ActivityPub message to make sure he returns a book?!

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@gamehawk Hey these different spec's examples aren't necessarily happening at the same time :)

Also good memory!

@cwebber "Rebooting the web of trust" is a permanently-open tab on my browser these days.

@cwebber @gamehawk Telling a story through W3C specification examples across different specs is pretty cybre.

What happens next, Alyssa and Ben start dating? I'd like to see examples of them sending out wedding invitations ;P

#Benyssa #SpecSlashFic

@zatnosk @cwebber Technically, "This specification was published by the . It is not a W3C Standard nor is it on the W3C Standards Track."

I'm not sure what "the ." should be; it's also an empty link.

@gamehawk Ah that's because I haven't filled in part of the template yet because the Credentials Community Group needs to review it and agree to officially take it on as a work item!

@zatnosk is right, you are *super* attentive!

@zatnosk @gamehawk Btw I didn't come up with Alyssa and Ben, they're characters from SICP sarabander.github.io/sicp/html

So in a sense, *my* specs are fan fiction, if anything!

@cwebber @gamehawk nice. All the more reason to ship them in your writing! 😍 #Benyssa

@gamehawk @zatnosk Woww... that was... something.

(I have to say I'm a bit uncomfortable with the objectification of Alyssa P. Hacker as a prelude to the announcement of a girl scout benefit!)

@gamehawk @cwebber

clearly, Alyssa kicked Ben out at some point because Ben sent another ActivityPub message from "the club" and tagged Janice in it.

there. plot hole fixed.

@kaniini @cwebber Oh no, that just complicates it further, because canonically their relationship is platonic.

@kaniini @gamehawk Hey, I did NOT imply that Alyssa and Ben are in a relationship for a reason! They're just friends!

@cwebber @gamehawk


what about...

Alyssa kicked out Ben because he didn't pay his rent on time. Now she is angry that he didn't return her book either.

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