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Wichita people be like "there are buses that run more than once an hour?!"

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Arizona vintage store ain't playing.

Was poking around in my "sortme" directory and ran across this picture, from my grandmother's cookbook. I believe the "Ethel" here is my grandmother's sister, my [Great] Aunt Ethel. No further instructions, presumably you just ran it all through the food mill and canned it like any other tomato-based sauce.

This is possibly the only place I've seen the use in the wild of "mango" to refer to green pepper. The fascinating part to me is that later "1/2 R pepper" is called for.

A year or so ago I visited Trader Joe's and got a tiny jade plant. That's it in the feather pot now, with some of its kids on either side. And a bunch in its own pot with it.

The turnip? That was an extra that sprouted and, well, it wanted to live and I am softhearted so I'm letting it. Not all houseplants gotta be pretty, right?

The latest Firefox update is very big on loading 0 bytes or, less often, halting partway through the page. The latter sometimes has interesting results. 🌅

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I... I can't tell if he's complaining, or giving his villain soliloquy.

"Linvilla Orchards is located in Media, PA about 30 minutes south of Philadelphia."

... south, okay, got it.

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Oh we don't even have to rely on "sources close" for the fired-vs-stepped-down part, Berman is FIGHTING BACK.

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This was posted to the Wichita dev slack with "The fuck?!" which sums it up nicely.


Oh whoops, whew. (Florida is still in bad shape though.)

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I remember eating at them and my parents being *FINE* with it.

(Years later I ran across a mention of them and was like "whoa that was a real thing and not my weird kid imagination?")

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Not sure the answer to "I don't like feeling like I've done something wrong" is to, you know, do something wrong.

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Context: a bunch of extremely South-Philly people (historically-Irish and Italian rowhouse neighborhood) keep turning out with bats and threatening people who look like journalists or protestors.

I got a Cricut Maker a little less than a month ago, because it is the only cutter I'm aware of that has a directional blade system: one of the carriers has a gear system to control the pivot rather than dragging the blade, so it can do rotary cutting and scoring.

Being a Cricut, it's also firmly locked into its proprietary software, which has no Linux version. So I am stuck using the clunky iPad thing to actually load the SVG to the machine. Or... I was. (cont'd)

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