In the course of rearranging things to make space on the kitchen counter, the dish drainer got put on the floor and, well, I guess we could have predicted that.

(It needed washed anyway...)

Nextdoor guy posted a picture of his friendly neighborhood Nazi's truck after other neighbors helpfully suggested that maybe, you know, the guy didn't actually know Nazi flags were bad.

(Also there was a meth lab raid there recently. Poor guy should maybe wait for the neighbor's house to get CAF'd before trying to sell his own...)

Ew. Okay, I don't know what happened here, but yeah that'll do it I guess.

(Apparently I dumped more pasta water than I thought on the stovetop the other day, but that still doesn't explain the grease. Also I checked the oven before I turned it on, but I guess I shoulda turned on the light then.)

Happy . Have a once-in-a-lifetime picture of Ramses and Olivia touching each other (they are best friends but Olivia doesn't like anybody touching her while she sleeps). Naturally the flash annoyed Olivia and she left right after this.

Also yes in fact my own username runs into this, since my phone doesn't recognize pretzels or skin tone, but I figured it was legible enough and it's only the decoration part. Though probably I should kill it because it does make my name stupid long for screen readers (which say the emoji name).

This dude is sitting in my lap and completely denying that he is the source of some extremely stinky gas.

Ran across an ollllld photo in my archives back when I used to work for a pastor who once served in Utah (as an American Baptist, not even a regular-flavor Mormon much less a weird spinoff one) and who somehow got on Warren Jeffs' mailing list. Every now and then he'd get a letter asking for money, and a hardcover book of Jeffs' latest crazypants word salad.

Do... do Monoprice 3d printers normally come with a calibration print already on the bed or something? (And the instructions which tell you how to unpack it buried underneath everything so you only find it after you unpack it?)

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