Amazon Studios: what should we make next

Market researchers: gritty remakes are a perennial favorite

Amazon Studios: on it

River, river, river, blink-and-you'll-miss-Fort-Mifflin and suddenly you're on a runway.

There's a ship docked at Fort Mifflin and I don't know what it is. 🤔

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PHL arrivals will never not look like you're about to make a water landing. (It's built on what used to be an island in the Delaware River.)

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Someone described the Arch as "a lot going on here" and... yeah. Apparently the museum is less problematic than when I last visited (1981!) but we will not confirm that today.

I really really REALLY hate CVS but Carl's the one with regular prescriptions so I reluctantly accept it as our pharmacy. I signed in to see if my doc had sent the inhaler script I asked for, and:

Can't sign in without giving my cell #.
That automatically signs you up for texts.
Attempting to opt out is... entirely Hotel Californian.

Is it really "consent" if it's not optional?

And we're actually not the worst in the area, probably (we're somewhat below and to the right of the Philadelphia dot, on the edge of the green swath of Pinelands).

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Went looking for something in my camera roll and remembered I took this picture at Costco.

I can only hope his other car says "Jenkins."

Wait is this another one of those things where us olds think we're cool for knowing this but actually it's a "fellow kids" thing where *only* the olds care about this apparently-young thing?

Weird things you find in your kid's laundry, cicada edition. 💀

There is a children's book donation organization in Philly/South Jersey that has really been taking off, and one thing they do is put out wheelie bins to take donations. But to keep them from being mistaken for trash cans, they're painted... and they've really gotten serious about it. A couple were painted by a former student (Antoine Brown) of the organizer and they're pretty amazing. All four sides are different on each one.

(I'd link to the originals but they're FB-siloed. 😔)

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Toyota's really doubling down on their donations to Republican Congresspeople who supported the insurrection, huh?

So I guess I owe the illuminati an apology; looks like it *is* important to disclaim the blood thing.

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