I truly did not expect the answer to "what is inside the Epcot sphere" to be "a 1976 Chevy Vega" but, well, it is. Might be a '77 but since I learned stick shift on a '76 it will always be that one to me.

If I was going to name my boat "Unplugged" I would at least not put the name right above where I plugged it in at dock.

Niece's iPhone won't reset until out talks to WiFi and won't WiFi unless it gets unlocked and can't unlock until it gets reset. Oh hey the fancy mall has an Apple store we'll just pop in and get the Genius Bar to... oh.

Gator count zero, but I am gratified to find a sign warning of gators and snakes in the area past the pool area fence.

Not sure I've ever encountered a waffle that needed a knife before. Possibly it was just intended for The Gram.

My camera always takes longer to fire than I think, and sometimes I bump the screen while I'm putting it away so I came back to the hotel to discover I have a surprising number of pictures of strangers' backsides.

Oh huh I assumed that was a remodel but I guess they're building a whole new building there.

She tried out the inside before deciding to go sit by the window and watch leaves fall.

In case you're keeping track: We have reached the point in the Karen-meme life where my sister forwards them all to me.

(Really glad I'm not on FB these days...)

Used to drive a mini-van with poor right-rear-quarter visibility, so a guy in a construction truck lived my nightmare today: sudden lane change and OH CRAP THERE WAS A LITTLE CAR THERE.

Very nice guy, very honest with the cop, hope his company doesn't fire him for it. (The truck didn't sustain any noticeable damage; this was all tire as far as we can tell. Might've traded some paint but they were both white vehicles πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ)

uspol morbid humor 

Huh. Someone linked to a tweet about Manafort (so, a likely bot target) and when I went to it this popup came up.

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