It's the first category it offers me. I am genuinely curious as to exactly what orientation Amazon has ascribed to me.

Happy first Sunday of Advent and the four-year approxiversary of perhaps the greatest-ever holiday tradition being posted to the Pickaxe Club slack.

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Not sure that's a sentiment your membership wants to hear *today*, my dude.

Partway through reading this tweet aloud to Carl I realized I had committed to a capella-ing the Jolene part. 😬

TIL that the inevitable progression of POTUS/FLOTUS/SCOTUS is for the Second Lady of Pennsylvania to be called, well...

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The scariest thing about this statement is that it is serious and normal which implies that he's too sick to have insisted on editing it.

(Not even joking.)

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Some while back, I unfollowed everyone except Carl on birdsite. The last ones I unfollowed, reluctantly, were friends and acquaintances who had died. It felt like a final disconnection from them.

I do still keep a private list of media accounts there so I can drop in and check on breaking-news type stuff now and then.

I did not expect Twitter to quite regularly offer me dead friends to re-follow.

Today in headlines so good I'm not gonna spoil it by reading the article: "Yummy."

(Lazy Sunday morning for the headline writers too, I see.)

I am scared to look and see if this indoor Ring drone is a real thing.

Hashtag alll-the-nope.

Good morning from my inability to hold a camera level and this deer's complete acclimatization to suburban life.

RIP my irises though.

It used to look like this, so converting it to "pinwheel" crossings was... an improvement? I can't actually tell.

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Not saying the roof rail on is out of control but

Thought I saw a new-to-me mushroom in the yard, but at closer inspection they turned out to be ghost plants! Monotropa uniflora, freaky little chlorophyll-free parasitic plants. πŸ†’

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This morning, and this evening.

(Also, fact check: school curriculums are established at the state rather than the federal level. This is 100% just 🍊 doing a little performative racism.)

*opens birdsite again*

*is surprised into a laugh*

*closes birdsite*

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