I called the cat tech support line and they said this is normal but I dunno, I'm pretty sure her spine was assembled incorrectly, and that her dignity was never installed at all.

It's mandatory. You put it flat on the floor, Poppi has to sleep on it. You open it up, Olivia has to get inside it.

Just here to report that Ramses, member of a famously dainty and fastidious species, licked a blob of cat food so hard that it flew up over his head and landed on his shoulder.

In the course of rearranging things to make space on the kitchen counter, the dish drainer got put on the floor and, well, I guess we could have predicted that.

(It needed washed anyway...)

All cats are good at relaxing. But some are *great* at relaxing.

Management has informed me that getting a larger monitor is impractical at this time.

Ramses gets the honor of being IMG 0001 on the iPad camera. 🐱

I should just set up the Pi cam on the full-time when playing with the shooting-star wand, because this happened last night:

Olivia likes to pin the marabou tail down, grab the stuffed-velboa star in her mouth and then just walk directly away from me with her "prey" as far as the elastic will let her. She walked past Ramses, who sniffed and then delicately chomped the elastic... just in time for her to let go and give him a high-speed stuffed star to the side of the head. 😆

It is difficult to get good video of the playing with the wand while also being the one operating the wand. Also: the cats love this toy so much they're starting to recognize the words "shooting star."

Don't tell Olivia someone else is sleeping on her favorite pillow.

How to lay on your favorite pillow when some annoying human has rearranged it.

OH COME ON this is the other chair where (as you can tell) I sit to sew and Ramses was in it. 😩

Olivia wasn't on her pillow so I put the pillow in the chair with Ramses and sat in the other chair until Ramses was done with it.

Spoiled .

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