Headline: "Branson says Virgin Galactic will send people to space before Christmas"

Larry Wall fans everywhere: "Wonder what year?"

(li'l 6 in-joke for you)

Here's my : joined Masto in November 2016 because birdfeed wasn't fun all of a sudden.

I have so my topics tend to be ALL ABOUT A SUBJECT and then change abruptly (though I've shunted most of my art-type stuff to @silverseams). I talk about , (especially compare-and-contrast with my previous home of ), family (husband @CarlCravens and college-age son), , and .

... and anything else that strikes me as shiny at any given moment.

Went to my first meet up (Swype just suggested MeToo, hmm) in the big city. The train is a different crowd than weekend days.

"Subroutine JSON::PP::Boolean::(eq redefined at /usr/share/perl/5.20/overload.pm line 50."

Okay, it's only a warning but... my documentation is throwing errors? 😒

Tests don't look as good when I add documentation coverage.

Disappointingly, there's Pod::Coverage::CountParents but not Pod::Coverage::CountRoles so the plugin system is going to require a lot of manual trustme overrides. 😞

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On a completely different note:

Module::Pluggable is throwing "(perhaps you forgot to load [plugin]?)" errors, the prevention of which is, y'know, the whole POINT of M::P. Not sure if my inheritance hierarchy has a glitch, or if the fact that they're Moo extended classes is confusing M::P.

Probably should just redo the whole thing with Moo roles but, y'know, mind really isn't concentrating properly on today. 😡

Whyyyyyyyy did suddenly stop stripping extensions from the path? `get /index` isn't matching requests for /index.html and I don't know what I did that would affect *that*.

Dangit, the local(ish) group is meeting tonight and it's a speaker (WALTMAN) I kinda want to hear, reprising his !!con talk on COBOL.
(Shut up; 👵 is in my username for a reason.)

But it's a half-hour train ride to get there. No big deal usually, but I'm about traveled out.

Today's mystery: JSON::PP has decided that newlines are not allowed in json files. Huh.

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I just spent an hour and a half trying to get to output AQAB instead of NjU1Mzc. Or the occasional AgMBAAE.

It's honestly a wonder encodings and encryption *ever* work.


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