Things said by the grownups in the group in our hotel room tonight:

"... WHY is my underwear soggy?"

"Be careful you don't drop that in the... *sigh* ... toilet."

(Absurdities uttered by the eleven year olds are without number)

@kelbot Surprisingly few, but also we've been almost exclusively on Disney properties.

Gator count remains at zero unless you count the preserved gator heads (buy one get one half price!) at the skeevy gift shop we just left.

@gemlog Ooh, you're right, I need to keep an invasive-python count too. Zero so far.

My camera always takes longer to fire than I think, and sometimes I bump the screen while I'm putting it away so I came back to the hotel to discover I have a surprising number of pictures of strangers' backsides.

@brennen Pretty sure you could do it with the right combination of WordPress plugins.

*ducks and runs*

@GoatsLive Usually by mum time the acorns are plentiful enough that they leave the flowers alone. They've hit these at least twice now this year. Not sure if it's more deer (not improbable, we've had a couple of big mast years for different oak species the last two years) or fewer acorns, or just that different deer are sampling them and learning that mums are not all that great. (They wipe out the hostas but have just nibbled the mums, but I only have two small ones so far.)

dead animal, yuk 

Deer update: they keep eating the blooms off the front-porch mums. πŸ˜’

Just here to report that Ramses, member of a famously dainty and fastidious species, licked a blob of cat food so hard that it flew up over his head and landed on his shoulder.

Oh huh I assumed that was a remodel but I guess they're building a whole new building there.

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