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CSV uploaded, gonna go transfer my followers now. See you at @gamehawk@weirder.earth!

CSV uploaded, gonna go transfer my followers now. See you at @gamehawk@weirder.earth!

Okay, searches on the user's url don't work but on the user@domain format do, whatevs. (Probably an encoding issue; I've run into double-encoding situations in this library before.)

But the follow command in the library doesn't work. Bah. Should just build a CSV to import instead. (I'm filtering all the inactive people/duplicates.)

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Oh whoops copied a key twice instead of an id, fixed.

Searches all return blank though. 🤔

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Okay, so if you search on the user the site should return its local database ID for it so, problem solved probably.

At least, assuming I can get authorization to work for weirder.earth.

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No, wait, that's still ID-only. Yeah, that has to be ActivitySub, doesn't it. 😒

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I mean... surely clients don't have to go the ActivitySub route for cross-site follows, right?

(suddenly feel like I'm in the Anakin-and-Padme meme)

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*this* close to running my little transfer-follows utility except I can't find how to follow someone in the API directly and the (somewhat broken) Mastodon::Client Perl library only knows how to follow based on the numeric ID (which only works for following on your own instance because, uh, I think the library is old enough there was only the one...)

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So I've been lurking on weirder.earth today and I think that's where I'm gonna make my new home. I haven't quite decided how I'm going to migrate the account (both follows/followers are full of cruft: abandoned accounts, abandoned instances, etc.) so I'm not posting from there yet (though I'll repost this so my account over there isn't empty).

@packetcat This is my surprised face that they might not get away with it: 🤯

@craigmaloney I am annoyed that YT pauses the video while I'm reporting the "spike proteins are cytotoxic" video that it had to throw in with the giant column of entirely drum-solo videos.

(You cannot convince me that is accidental, YouTube.)

Things I did not expect to see on Staples' website 

@craigmaloney (I'm afraid they're gonna go full "you can't see what's in stock at your local store because they're so terrified of you restricting your search options down far enough that you get an out-of-stock indication" like a few other retailers have, though.)

Things I did not expect to see on Staples' website 

@craigmaloney I think they've been trying to branch out more in their online stuff, to capture more big-ticket purchases from corporations who might already have a Staples account and/or company card.

At least the folk with the boar mascot are the Galtings and not the Boarings.

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Just started reading another Morris novel, so be prepared for an onslaught of commentary on the language.

It is a Tale of the House of Wolfings, and that is not a typo. There are Wolfings, Hartings, Elkings... and Bearings.

@AFresh1 @sungo Evidently it was an aberration. But not the "strongly bsd flavored" part, and I don't think it would be right to show up and live-post the inevitable travails of moving from Debian to Ubuntu right off the bat.

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Now I just... need to find someone with Skyward Sword to tell me if the fauxmiibo actually works.

Yes, I kinda cargo-cult this stuff sometimes.

Criterion 3 also encompasses "large enough to have multiple moderators, ideally with or at least approaching around-the-clock moderation," since I've now had more than one case where a recommended instance had a problematic TL and either the single mod was overworked or AWOL.

Tangentially related: In my Masto client that I'm never gonna get around to writing, it will pop up an alert when the site owner has not posted in a configurable period of time.

*makes direct eye contact with jawns.club*

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