Jonestown massacre 

My brain tonight, serving up the hits from ~1978

(To the tune of The Candy Man)

Who can take some Kool-aid /
Add some cyanide /
Lead nine hundred people in a mass suicide /
The Reverend Jones can /
Little Jimmy Jones Can

I learned it at summer camp and always assumed it was a Dr. Demento thing but if so it was too obscure to make the Wikipedia page for Candy Man with all the other parodies.


(Pretty sure my subconscious Has Opinions about Hobby Lobby.)

Also I did *not* notice this when I was in the store but in the background of the picture is this which I'm thinking could be read as a swipe at Falwell Jr.

... or maybe some trigger-the-libs support for him, I can never tell with these people.

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@scully It's not covered, it's just in a different pattern... blue and white stripes, found nowhere on the US flag.

I am about 97% sure that there's an art person or buyer or whatever at HL that slipped that one past the censors.

@scully Seems pretty chipper for a situation I assume they're protesting but 🀷

Did not expect to see a "God-less America" sign in a Hobby Lobby but okay

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Today's sighting: "I ❀️ CATTURD" bumper sticker. That's a first. πŸ˜’

(To save you a search: it's a Twitter account pushing the Big Lie and trolling. Q too, I think, but I have sorta lost track of the fine distinctions between the folks wrapping themselves in the flag while trying to overthrow the government.)

Well actually the Facebook court is international, so the US Supreme Court can't overturn its decisions. In fact, it's the other way 'round.

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"ADL-approved" - They're just fully masks-off these days, huh

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It works! πŸŽ‰

aaaaand now it's bedtime so I can't actually try out any of the new stuff.

@alienghic I use LDXE so it was a pretty seamless jump from XP for me. Carl has switched window managers but I have carried on inertially.

And yeah, ISTR Ubuntu's big push to remove Perl. πŸ˜†

Is Debian a super-niche Linux flavor on the desktop now? I feel like somehow it became that when I wasn't looking, and now I'm out on this weirdo unsupported thing like "haha 'Debian' isn't that just Ubuntu LTS?" and maybe I should... just use Ubuntu?

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LittleCMS README.1ST: "Please see the complete documentation in doc folder"

eh, okay

$ ls doc
'LittleCMS2.12 API.pdf' 'LittleCMS2.12 Plugin API.pdf' 'LittleCMS2.12 tutorial.pdf'

*flips table*

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My new favorite hobby is clicking the little star on everybody's posts about getting their vaccines/appointments/full immunity.

I'm guessing Poppi has been an outdoor cat at some point in his life. He just spotted a distinct butterfly shape on a website, no motion, and went right for it.

Which is interesting: he's had no interest in actually going outside since we got him, versus Ramses who will bolt outside just for grass. (But the one time he snuck out and got *left* out there, he apparently spent the entire time huddled inside a cinderblock going "woe is me.")

Okay so I am mature enough to not waste money on buying a sportscar, but I am not mature enough to not think about wasting a *little* money on upgrading to a Challenger or Mustang if I rent a car. πŸ€”

@eludom Right? If it wasn't a two-full-day drive back to Kansas (~22 hours drive time) I'd never fly it.

They need to hurry up with that Amtrak expansion.

"Make sure people are *really* mad before they reach the CSR" seems like a poor strategy but what do I know. Anyway I had a nice CSR and she was able to properly change our flight out *and* deliver the charming news that our outbound flight was also cancelled and now we're leaving Philly at 6:30am and I hate flying so very very much.

Somehow in my mind I had "family will come visit *us* instead sometimes" but that has yet to happen.

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Oh gosh this is an exceptionally bad hold experience. Where's the magic button for "I get that you're trying to drive me to use the website but I'm here because it's erroring out"?

It's a series of commercials/PSAs, and they all have different music, and they all start with "Hi, I'm X and I'm a flight attendant/pilot/etc." so EVERY DANG TIME the music cuts out and someone starts talking I am about to answer them when I realize OH YOU'RE ANOTHER RECORDING.

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