@pla Nah, that was a user-submitted image from a handheld 360 camera.

Not sure if that was the farmstand owner or a service that adds stuff to GMaps for businesses (which is a thing).

@pla 360-degree cameras use weird overlaps to avoid getting pictures of themselves/their tripods. You get some of the same "but who's taking the picture??!?" effect with the Mars rovers.

Oh, and of COURSE because those clueless emails go out with non-blind CC, someone finally did a (non-ironic, I think) reply-all. πŸ˜†

I mean, I've had kids like little T, who started mid-session, spoke no English, and just cried from drop-off to pick-up... but she was perfectly happy to have someone read Plaza SΓ©samo books to her even if she didn't understand a word they were saying *and* they weren't particularly good at doing the Muppet voices. So yeah, I'll be there the first day.

(Can't stay all day, gotta give my own kid a ride TO COLLEGE)

Read-to-littles update: last Friday was the last day for the kids' session; this week and next will be teachers getting the classroom ready, meeting with parents, etc.

But *yesterday* the training coordinator sent out an email telling us not to report next week (I guess we were to show up this week and read to teachers? πŸ˜‰) *or* the week after to "give the students the opportunity to settle into their classrooms."

But... *my* teachers begged me to come on the FIRST day back, two days EARLY.

@Gargron Ah, that'll do it then. Bummer. But I can understand that from a load management perspective, I guess.

@Gargron Yep. πŸ˜” I really really REALLY need the search-your-own-posts feature on m.art (which is masto.host-ed, dunno what version it even runs).

@noiob I am absolutely adding this Wirecutter article to my List Of Times Wirecutter Seems To Have Been Responding To Me. 😬 thewirecutter.com/reviews/best

@Gargron At least some, yes. Possibly not the earlier ones but then people were like πŸ€” and then they were like πŸ”₯ and now we're all like πŸ’€ .

A dev Slack I'm in just declared that Ubuntu's Toy Story name is "Debian Forky" and... yeah, it is, isn't it?

@kelbot (house-level solar is still okay although I think a lot of HOAs ban it. It's not super-popular in Kansas because (1) no subsidies like here and (2) hail and dust are a problem; we replaced our roof four or five times in twenty years)

@fribbledom Seems to. At least, our Wirecutter-pick Coway is very good at *detecting* stuff and bumping its fan up a notch or two whenever I open the window, or cook on the stovetop without turning the vent fan on, or pet a cat. And certainly the prefilter gets coated with cat hair fairly quickly, so it's circulating a lot of air. I assume the HEPA filter is doing its job too although, you know, not particularly visible at that point.

@kelbot tbh it's the first time I have heard the idea that solar can't coexist with airplanes (she said, from a state that is approximately 50% solar panel and right under one of the major East Coast flyways) and I can only conclude the Wind Turbnz=Bad thing comes straight from 🍊 .

@kelbot Wichita is the Air Capitol of the World (a slightly outdated nickname these days; Boeing has moved off to Seattle etc., Learjets are out of fashion, and general aviation is struggling), so wind turbines are Right Out and solar gets all kinds of anti-glare regulation.

It's really just [anti-]virtue signaling because there actually is really no *room* for a commercial solar/wind farm left in the county. But Wichita-based Koch funds the commission elections so, welp.

Pretty sure it's still legal to drill for oil inside city limits, though. It was five years ago, at least.

Me to Carl: We should probably think about moving back to Wichita to take care of your mom and brother. There's a Democratic governor these days, state might be turning around.


Me: ... okay maybe Kansas City would be close enough. Close to the state line.

@noiob Yeah, that's gonna cover a huge number of the use cases but I still think scanners will stay around for quite awhile. Including in casual uses where phones *do* have more-than-adequate quality, if for no other reason than all-in-ones are (1) cheap and (2) convenient (built-in lighting plus the whole use-as-photocopier thing).

@noiob Yeah, but you're losing at least some quality there, same like digital vs. optical zoom. Which isn't gonna matter significantly on stuff where your phone camera has resolution to spare, but that isn't every case.

@noiob Some, but there's still benefit in having close a scanning pass versus having to do keystoning correction or whatever so they're not going away for things above "decent" quality.

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