@brainblasted They existed in 1918 and I'm like okay, that was a century ago, there *was* a lot of quackery about and communication was poor so a certain amount of skepticism was always wise... and then it started up this time too and I'm all

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Okay, here's what needs to happen for 🍊's campaign to prevail in Pennsylvania.

The state certifies *tomorrow*. They just got a big DENIED! from the court, so they have to appeal up to the 3rd Circuit where they will also get DENIED! and then to the Supreme Court where they need injunctive relief. Not just a stay, which is a lower bar but just preserves the status quo (i.e. certification proceeds normally). With a case that just got them laughed out of court.

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The big Pennsylvania lawsuit has been dismissed with prejudice. Which normally is just lawyer-speak for "without leaving a 'fix this and you can try again' option" but in this case really means "all of law Twitter is swapping screenshots of the judge's order with 'oh wow did you read THIS part yet?'"

@milan Yeah, they email everybody who has a Keybase account. Not sure using skeevy tactics to promote a service about trust is really a great idea. I passed.

It's amusing to me since it's local slang for passing a blunt around, so I can never not think of it as a service one uses to arrange deals with one's weed man.

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The interesting thing to me is that this wasn't something they were guided to. I mean, usually in these sorts of things the FBI plant is there going "I can get you bomb supplies" and whatnot, and tbh there's sometimes some question whether there would have been a plot at all. That's not the case in this situation, from what I've read.

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"New filings claim there was a Plan B the militiamen had drawn up, that involved a takeover of the Michigan capitol building by 200 combatants who would stage a week-long series of televised executions of public officials.

"And, according to government documents now on file in lower Michigan court, there was also a Plan C -- burning down the state house, leaving no survivors."


I feel like probably we should be freaking out more but we've been freaking out for four years now and it's awfully hard to summon the energy.

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me: no, cat, you can't just hop into my lap and expect me to pet you whenever you want
cat: haha kitty go prrrrrr

When I was a kid we went to visit relatives in the Wyoming Valley (in Pennsylvania; the state is named after it 🤷) every summer. I don't remember going places other than relatives' houses but apparently we did because I remember asking my folks why Uncle Edwin didn't come with us and them explaining that he never left the house. Being a little kid I just accepted this, and only later learned what agoraphobia was.

Just random things I think of as I'm putting off running errands...

Partway through reading this tweet aloud to Carl I realized I had committed to a capella-ing the Jolene part. 😬

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My extended family: "What would you like for Christmas?"

Me: "Eh, nothing really, got too much stuff as it is."

Me: *sees one.bidpal.net/viva20/browse/a *


@whami Carl keeps pointing out to me that *real* motel keychains just use S-hooks and I'm like YES I KNOW but they had one, permanent key too.

The big split rings, the ones that get keys on them, are not bad. They're 1.25" ones so they don't take nearly the leverage. Those first tiny 12mm ones that attach directly to the fob were *tough*. The newer ones are softer, with the drawback that they don't spring back into perfect shape after they're installed.

@whami Oh, they're not bad at all now that I got split rings that are a little less impossible.

@whami Other people are trying to take them off too! I may have created a monster.

(yeah, my Etsy shop is supposed to be about plush dragons but suddenly I'm a novelty motel keychain factory)

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@pixelpaperyarn I have been that way with new-to-me podcasts. "Do I really want to listen to the way things were last year... or last week?"

I am very happy I did with Samin Nosrat's Home Cooking though (which started at the beginning of, and in reaction to, lockdown, and which I just picked up a week or three ago).

But if I get a couple days behind on anything more current-event-ish, it usually gets marked read two minutes in because it is already wrong, so wrong.

@AFresh1 I've just been using florespondence but now that I see that one it is OBVIOUSLY correct.

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