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Antique Sugar (the vintage shop with the snarky sign) made the NYT albeit only in passing:

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Grocery store lets you revise your order and method of payment until ~24h before pickup time, so usually I put a few items in and pick "pay at store" to reserve my time.

Then I add items to my cart over the course of the week-or-two, and a couple days before pickup I edit my pending order. It'll ask me if I want to add my current cart, I do, and then I check out with the credit card.

Which is to say, I thought my pickup was Tuesday and almost had a token order, pay-at-store. 😬

@bootjack True, but those are at least more *expected*, the adults aren't quite as adorable (or at all, in the case of dobsonsfly).

Found a bizarro spiky bug larva on the grocery-store (potted) herb, and felt like I should recognize it. Oh noes, is it gonna grow up to be the dreaded spotted lanternfly? Ah, nope... ladybug. I always forget how ridiculously unlike the cute little beetle the larva is.

@Gargron American History Tellers had a bit on Project Plowshare (in the Cold War series IIRC) and it was bananapants (in hindsight).

Between the dollar-amount update on the pledge drive and the "Governor Murphy is sending out a stern reminder: 'We’re ONE OF ONLY FOUR STATES currently on track to contain , according to Covid Act Now ... We must stay in the green.'" the latest WHYY update landed in the spam folder because LOTS_OF_MONEY/ACT_NOW_CAPS πŸ˜†


I've said it out loud a bunch of times but this is me putting it in writing: 45* is gonna be the first US president to defect to Russia at the end of his term.

coronavirus, masks, dark humor 

@whami That's what basically everybody who has seen that picture says. πŸ‘’

Seven hours later, it suddenly occurs to me that grandmother-in-law *began* the text with "Finally got your number correct" and I have questions.

How did she *know* it was correct? Has she begun texts to wrong numbers that way and just finally got the right one?

Attempted to refill the birdbath (which doesn't usually go completely dry, especially since we've had some rain in the last few days, but it's been 90+ and I think the deer and whatnot have been very thirsty) and was blocked by no fewer than three spiders in their webs. Ended up filling gallon jugs inside the house because I couldn't bring myself to make them rebuild their webs in this heat and I am too old to just crawl under them.

Watching Manhattanites and SFans unite in a shared moment of inarticulate sounds and wild gesticulation upon learning that that now-infamous St. Louis "palazzo" house is just over a million dollars is kinda hilarious.

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