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Okay apparently everywhere we're going has adequate wifi coverage (which the Touches need anyway apparently?) so we're just gonna use Slack.

Also my sister had no idea about the green bubble blue bubble thing until I pointed it out to her.

Apple people: nieces have iPod Touches which can text to iPhones (like their parents have) but not Androids (like I have). Is there an alternative method without going full WhatsApp or whatever?

They've just started fifth grade so, four years makes a big difference. I mean, we've seen them at least once a year, but we're practically strangers anymore so they get pretty shy. She's not shy when talking about Disney and Rainforest Cafe.

Oh gosh this conversation is reminding me we've been gone for four+ years. She sounds so grown-up.

Current status: texting with one of my nieces on my sister's phone.



Waking up every morning to "you thought the weather news couldn't get worse? You were wrong" is not actually better than when political news does it.

(We're not even in the hurricane's path, but still.)

Updated to buster BUT the newest nvidia driver doesn't get along with Minecraft. Current status: trying to get stupid nvidia stuff uninstalled so the installer for the *older* nvidia stuff will stop saying "uninstall everything installed through other package managers first." 😑

(I have gotten far enough that it's gotta run on the base/default nouveau drivers, with a black border around the screen and bad anti-aliasing, but there are STILL too many vestiges of nvidia around, it thinks.)

(I think mostly it's that my LXDE theme went missing, so after I finish upgrading I'll peek in the backups and see if I can recover it.)

Yeah, definitely gonna go ahead and update to buster because EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED A TINY BIT AND I HATE IT so I might as well only go through this once. 🀷

And the Liferea tray icon is back (turns out the plugin just needed upgraded, and that for some reason didn't happen in the main upgrade).

Well, that went well aside from a brief moment of panic when it started up, then the monitor announced "Power save mode" and shut itself down and no amount of poking at the keyboard would wake it back up.

Then I remembered: the new display tablet is actually the "primary" monitor (because it's on the HDMI port, where the real monitor is on the DVI, I guess?) and turned it on and there were all the results of my keyboard-poking. Logged in and both "monitors" lit up. I should probably swap those.

Now the critter thinks I ought to reboot it to upgrade the Nvidia kernel and all I can think of is that one time I let Windows upgrade the Nvidia kernel and long story short that's why I have a Linux desktop now.

Oh well, I have a bootable buster USB drive just in case.


Heh. Kiddo is meanwhile moving everything to a thumb drive and wiping out both the SSD and spinner and installing clean Linux/Windows on the former. Something in the air, apparently.

... and Liferea can no longer be minimized to the systray. πŸ˜”

Trying to decide whether to just forge ahead to buster, or wait and see if anything else crops up.

Pros to forging ahead: won't get used to changes in apps that will just change again in buster

Pros to waiting: will be able to search for issues based on which upgrade caused them


Okay aside from losing some things off the menu (pretty trivial), the stretch upgrade has mostly gone okay. But there's a weird ligature issue in the system font, in bold only and AFAICT just the one ligature.

β˜‘οΈ jessie ➑️ stretch
πŸ”² stretch ➑️ buster


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