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Also, while at the big indie pet store for snek food: looked for "tuna tubes" (Inaba Churu) but only found the Catit version. Cats are not sure about eating it directly from the tube because (1) foil tube and (2) it's not as thick as expected and tends to just dribble onto the floor. They're *very* happy to have it squirted into a plate though.

feeding the snake 

feeding the snake 

feeding the snake 

Huh. Someone linked to a tweet about Manafort (so, a likely bot target) and when I went to it this popup came up.

Important update! The Spit Spreads Death parade has its own website. WHO KNEW?

"With a world-premiere of choral music created by Oscar nominated composer David Lang, sung by Philadelphia’s Grammy-award winning choir The Crossing."

You get to walk in the parade and hold up your cell phone playing the music (hope the livestream doesn't lag on it and get everybody out of sync) which is both weird and actually kinda cool.

Actual picture of climbing up the side of the small kitty condo with his mouth wide open the entire time, waiting for me to... just flip the end of the fabric streamer wand into it? (In his defense, it *has* happened before.)

Me: "Hmm, wonder what's going on in Philly this month?"

WHYY: "The MΓΌtter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia is hosting tomorrow’s β€œSpit Spreads Death” parade."

Me: "... maybe we'll just stay home, house needs cleaned anyway."

Gas company: Congratulations, you've used much less natural gas this year, when you've had to run your electric air conditioner all September, than you did for this period last year when you had to run the gas furnace!

... go Team Us. πŸ˜’

🀨 "Karen Forecast to Degenerate Into a Remnant Low By Saturday."

NYT subscription ad just came up for me on Instagram and oh honey READ THE ROOM

NHC: "Karen's circulation is becoming increasingly elongated"

Karen: *calls heart specialist*

Read-to-littles day: a fairly ordinary day other than the teachers were off doing some teacher thing and the assistants/subs were running the show. Most of the kids were dealing with it surprisingly well, other than they were confused little ducklings who would follow any familiar grownup which led to some comedy as I unwittingly swiped half of someone's class while heading in to get some reading books.

Capital Weather Gang says Karen is disheveled, messy, and unbalanced.

And more Great Plains-style than tropical which I will certainly own.

National Hurricane Center still v critical of the way Karen operates


Checked in on my hurricane: "Karen will likely meander for a day or so" and "Karen will be weak
and shallow" and "Karen has had enough time to strengthen."

At least the "is basically shapeless" one was "Karen's cloud pattern," so I've got that going for me.

I feel like, if it hasn't happened already, search engines ought to be posting a little graph of recent searches on "Rubicon." πŸ˜†

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