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So today I'm trying to figure out how to write a resume when my last full-time job was Y2K compliance. 😬

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(The only year I've gotten the actual-factual-influenza flu was the first year of H1N1 when it wasn't included in the flu shot anyway, but what with air travel to visit immune-compromised relatives and Reading To Littles I *really* need to not miss them.)

Achievement get: got flu shots.

(For all of us, versus how it often works where my husband got one at work, the kid got one at the pediatrician, and I... somehow fail to get one because my annual checkup falls at entirely the wrong time of year. 😬 )

Decided to give it a try and turns out the old phone's SIM works in the new phone so it's transferring a backup now. Woot!

(Last time it didn't work for whatever reason, which I just assumed was part of the weird Tracfone lockdown. Possibly that's because this one isn't a Tracfone-branded phone and the other one was 🀷.)

Leaping four Android versions into the future, and from Samsung to Android One, is weird though.

Okay didn't read closely enough and I gotta unlock this phone with a fingerprint? πŸ˜’

Car update: this is what $2400 in damage looks like.

(Replacing the fender, touching up the door/hood, fixing both the aluminum front wheels of which one encountered the truck's wheel hub and the other encountered a curb, and getting alignment done.)

The good news: insurance adjuster has seen the police report and submitted the claim to the other company and expects it to be paid. (Adjuster: "I mean, he said to the police, 'Eh, I changed lanes into her,' so...")

My new phone is here!

Of course since the kid didn't go to class yesterday, I didn't go to the grocery store and Target for a SIM card so I can't actually use it yet. But also it arrived with 0% charge so I have time I guess.

But not too much time since it is supposed to go 0-50% in half an hour? :skeptical:

"Min accumulated SMS messages to send during the summer in Kazakhstan, but it was out of range of the mobile network. Unexpectedly the eagle flew straight to Iran, where it sent the huge backlog of messages."

Decided to try answering one of the more-than-once-an-hour spam calls and learned that (1) it's a recording so saying bad swears at it probably will not make it stop and (2) it's not car-warranty scam, it's "department of social security" scam. πŸ˜’

The likelihood that the US government is calling me from random invalid 800 numbers is... okay, higher in this administration than others but still, NOT HIGH

There's a reason "mailBOX" was not one of the options, newbie delivery person.

Amazon: "Your package was left in the mail room."

Me: "... it's a house, Amazon."

Amazon: *picture of package stuffed in mailbox*

Me: "Ooh, committed a federal crime (USC 18 Β§ 1725!) *and* took a picture of it, good job Amazon Logistics."

The Good Place podcast has broken our brains and now all digital effects are "Niednagels."

...and stops. Oncoming traffic is solid up over the next hill. Bah!

But then the third or fourth person coming the other way stops and waves the turning vehicle through. No one in the line honks, because letting someone do a "Pittsburgh left" is the only time a New Jerseyan won't honk if the light is green and the person in front of them is not moving.

Jersey is so weird about left turns... but sometimes it works really well.

There's been construction on one of the four-lane arterials that passes our subdivision, and today traffic was narrowed to one lane each direction.

There's an intersection where left turns tend to back up on the best of days (no turn lane or protected signal) and we pulled up third or fourth in line and the guy ahead of us signaled left.

Me: "REALLY?!"

Kid: ?

Me: "In Kansas they would have 'no left turn' signs up. Jersey is so weird about left turns!"

Light changes, left turner pulls up...

(I mean I still have an out-of-area phone number, just the spam tactics have changed)

Well, the long stretch of having an out-of-area phone number so I can safely ignore spam calls (because I never get legit calls from unknown numbers in the 316 area code) has come to an end and now I'm getting 800-number spam from car warranty scammers MULTIPLE TIMES AN HOUR


Finally broke down and got a Nokia after learning that Wirecutter's pick supposedly does work on Tracfone's network. Gonna swing by Target and pick up a SIM kit. 🀞

Achievement get: finally cracked a phone screen. (Just down on the non-screen part of the glass so far; thing's 2.5 years old, doesn't get OS updates, and I've been shopping for a new one anyway.)

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