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Kids have tapered off but I got to meet one of my around-the-block neighbors with an extremely well mannered golden retriever.

And by "meet” I mean his dog's name is Lily and neither of us thought to give *our* names.

Oh cool, thunder. Well as long as the soccer game is going on over at the neighboring fields I'm staying out.

Okay, guess those groups were having to wait for siblings to get home from school. Had my first regulars, so looks like the ominous weather (we're in a gap between storms) hasn't totally discouraged everybody.

It is quarter to five and I have usually had little ones with stay at home moms by now. πŸ€”

WHYY (Philly NPR) voted in the union, so I did the membership thing (bet they don't get to read MY "why I support public radio" message on-air...) and the last membership-gift option has raised an important question:

... what the *heck* is a "wine spectator?" Is that like the designated driver or something?

I am totally gonna root the old (Android 6) phone and play around with other operating systems on it.

Me, driving: ...

Google Maps: *concerned notification sound*

Me at stop light: "I... wasn't running Maps."

GMaps: "If you tell me what your commute is, I can tell you when it's going to be bad."

Me: "I hate getting a new phone broken in."

Me, later, at home: *opens Maps*

GMaps: *has six different screens of notifications, each with 3-6 notification options, all of which require individual toggling*

Me: *goes to settings, turns off Maps' ability to notify for ANYTHING*


Also the sounding rocket was a night launch, this one's gonna be a mid-morning one.

Ooh! We can (maybe) see an Antares launch from our area this weekend! When we lived closer to the shore we went to the beach to see a low-level sounding rocket launch once. This one's going to ISS so it'll have more altitude. We might have to go somewhere other than our heavily-forested neighborhood though.

"Trick or Treat hours for October 31st are 2:00pm – 8:00pm"


New phone is better at actually catching voicemail messages than old phone, so I learned that the old-area-code spammers are the car warranty spammers.

The 800-number social-security scam stopped, counterintuitively, after I answered one and hung up on it a couple seconds in. 🀷

(That may have been coincidental; as annoying as it was I figure busting that one was probably a high priority for *someone*.)

(normally I would let people like that in in front of me but I had nothing in *my* cart but one such box, two boxes of the fancy Pure fruit bars that are my allergy-friendly alternative, and a flat of Diet Coke)

It is "guy behind me in line has nothing but two boxes of full-size candy bars in his Costco shopping cart" time of year.

New phone has a really annoying vibrate mode and there is apparently no universal "oh come ON quit gronking for every notification" switch. And not every app lets you customize notifications. *gives Tusky side-eye*

Bucks County Industrial Development Authority clearly doesn't put much money into graphic design. 😬

The body shop the insurance company picked texts me daily updates like "the wheels have come back from the subcontractor" and apparently nothing happened over the weekend so my Sunday night update was just "if you have any questions, call" and I'm like, I just signed up for this because I hoped you would text *me* with any questions and when the vehicle was done. Instead they call me on the phone (ugh!) for any questions and just use the texting thing for blow-by-blow updates.

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