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Welp, not entirely unexpectedly by this point, the other driver['s employer] did not in fact have insurance at the time of the accident.

At least our deductible was only $200. I had thought it was $500 but apparently since we've been with them for quite a number of years with no accidents (hail claims do not, apparently, count) they lowered the deductible.

TBH gonna see if we can get it raised again because Jersey auto insurance is πŸ’Έ. Won't miss *those* rates if we move back to Kansas.

Early read-to-littles day because of the USAn holiday. It was picture day, so indoor recess. Teacher put on some dance music and four-year-olds dancing is the cutest thing ever and today was the day I most regretted the ban on posting pictures/video on social media.

*imaginary picture of four-year-old dabbing, in sweater-vest and tie*

*checks in on birdsite*

*promoted 'trend' is a whiskey ad*

Okay if your social media site is advertising whiskey at nine ay em and my first thought is "probably effective advertising" maybe rethink your life choices jack?

Spam finds a way: I am continuously amazed at the creativity of the stuff that makes it through the filters. Most recently: using a random site that mails your self-chosen password to you in plaintext (don't do this, sites), and setting the password to a tinyurl.

Like 90% of the discussion my husband has with his Warframe group is about arranging rooms and decorative items in their base[s] and accessorizing their characters and trading for color-matching armor and folks, grown-ass dudes are playing with dolls and decorating dollhouses in case you wondered just how much gender norms are artificial constructs.

(also yes (1) I need to clean the bay window sill and (2) I need to keep my fingers out of the way of the lens. πŸ™„)

Apparently outdoor vacuums are much less scary than indoor ones. 🀷

Teenager in this waiting room has fallen asleep and then I coughed and startled him awake and now I feel bad.

Two years ago: didn't see the signs announcing either leaf pickup week, just left the leaves in our yard, leaf truck came by first thing Monday, neighbors were not impressed.

Last year: bought an electric leafblower, scraped up about a third of the leaves, gave up called a service at the last minute, leaf truck came by first thing Monday.

This year: looked up the dates in advance, called the service to schedule both pickups, service came out a week ago Monday... leaf truck still hasn't shown.

Family Christmas wishlist from my Bay Area in-laws: batteries and candles because PG&E.

Yes, we live in a totally not dysfunctional country, it's all fine. πŸ˜’

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