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In-laws family Christmas is continuing its trend toward "wacky sock exchange," and this year we got variously tiger, leopard, tabby, and dog paws. One of my original littles-read-to is now over in the other classroom so during pre-lunch hand-washing time I had to take the opportunity to show him these because he's obsessed with cheetahs. (Pedantic: cheetah claws don't retract though so these are leopard or jaguar socks, but I didn't bring that up.)

PSA: News/birdsite is full of the video of the Ukrainian jet getting hit by rockets so consider this a content warning for those.

(because cats, forest fires, a questionably moldy crawl space, and general New Jersey air quality, I should say.)

Okay, now getting the littles an air purifier is the new goal:

We have this one in our house (because cats) and this is Wirecutter's pick.

Carl's stupid company is delaying "Christmas" bonuses until March (which sends me some red flags about their cash flow but that's a whole 'nother issue) or I'd just buy them one.

In other news: tomorrow is first read-to-littles day after the holiday break. 😍

Left the kitty toy box next to the kitty play house and they've been raiding it. Which explains why Olivia was yelling all night: we normally keep her glitter balls put up during the night because she has no respect for human sleep schedules when she wants to play fetch.

Update: just drove across the state (it's a tiny state okay) and encountered some very stop-and-start snow (and snain). Nothing heavy, but also I was driving out of the edge of the warning area (and thus, apparently, missed out on more of the phone alerts).

(Apparently the alert is specifically *because* they can sneak up on you and cause a sudden whiteout, but given the international situation everybody tends to lose their minds when it's sunny and the emergency buzzer starts going off.)

We're supposed to get snow (1-3") tonight, and I'm supposed to take the kid to the orthodontist tomorrow late-morning. They're only supposed to get half an inch on the shore, but fingers crossed because I still need to check "visit the beach in snow" off my to-do list.

Reminder: today is Epiphany; if you don't take your decorations down you gotta leave them up until Candlemas.

(Exception: if you're still on the Julian calendar then it's only what, Christmas Eve for you? Carry on.)

Update: turns out the blender Bluetooth is for the built-in scale so you can weigh your diet smoothies directly into your app.

*Marginally* more sense than being able to control blending remotely.

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