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The "fun" thing about living in an oak/pine forest is that you get two separate tree-pollen seasons.

@chuck It had quite an adventure. It clearly flew to Guam but then got shipped home by way of, well, ship. Three days to get to Hawaii (with the vague-and-slightly-inaccurate "Location: US") and then I think it hopped a plane because it didn't check in again until a Kansas distribution center.

The real bummer was that it was a little fairy doll: and if I had known it was there, I would have told Guam postmaster to open it and take some pictures to make the trip worth it.

Wait hang on the FedEx package has been located: in California.

So it went from Kentucky to Ohio, got allegedly handed to SmartPost (USPS), but then was scanned at a FedEx on the WRONG COAST.


Local paper has an exercise column and I clicked through out of curiosity and it instructs one to, as a first step, "Start in a table top position with your shoulders stacked above elbows" and none of that jargon is hyperlinked.

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A fun trivia note about Bellmawr: it's the hub for all the delivery services so it's just a great place for an outbreak to export itself to the entire rest of the state.

So, a 13yo on Pickaxe Club had earlier asked if anyone had lily of the valley because he really likes the flower, so someone left him a potted one. Today I posted that IRL picture of the ones that line my driveway for him, and his dad just messaged me to say his son said "[my gamertag] sent me a photo of the lillies of the valley that they have in their yard in real life. She's such a caring person" and what a sweet kid. πŸ₯Ί

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First rhodie pop of the season! Most of the blossoms are still a ways from opening.

And the lilies of the valley are starting to fade, but still good.

This morning's status: back to "Scheduled delivery:
Pending" with its last sighting in Grove City, OH (where it was supposedly SmartPost'ed).

The only package USPS Informed Delivery has pending for me is that one package from a week ago with the unscannable bar code. 🀷 (Come on, FedEx, USPS can deliver a package with a disappearing-ink label, you can surely manage to figure out how to deliver this one.)

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At least they managed to deliver the Chewy order okay.

... the order I'd've canceled if I had seen the pre-processing email in time, because even as much as Poppi is eating he has not gotten through the last month's order. Not sure if he's finally slowing down (still feels like we're opening a tray of food every fifteen minutes, and he's still not up to a normal weight) or if I just calculated the amounts wrong.

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Monoprice: here's your FedEx tracking number!

FedEx: Cool, it'll be there Friday.

FedEx: Handed it off to SmartPost!

USPS: No you didn't.

FedEx: Sure did! Gonna be delivered Friday!

USPS: ...

FedEx, on Friday: "Okay actually don't know where it is."

FedEx today: "You know what? We don't know if that order ever shipped."

FedEx later today: "What order? We never tracked any such order."

Monoprice: *sigh* yeah we don't know either, we're just going to call it "being processed."


I left instructures to sub out brands and sizes as necessary (rather than trying to figure out the pattern of which weeks they get which brands of tortillas) and the only thing they didn't have was the flank steak (which was on sale and a last-minute splurge anyway). Tofu and TVP were both back in. πŸŽ‰

If I'd known I was gonna get that lucky I would have put mirin back on the list. (I've been using sake+sugar, which is fine.)

Quarantine day 68(?): currently trying to remember which country/state/county seal was the one with the murder in it. (It may have been Union County's, which does have a murder, but I was thinking it was a woman killing a man, but I may be combining Union's with the Virginia one that has Virtus with her foot on not-necessarily-dead-Tyranny's neck.)

Related: Image searches for "seal on a bedsheet" flags turns up equal numbers flags and novelty-bedsheets-with-aquatic-mammals-printed-on-them.

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