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🍽️ is named "knife fork plate" and I feel like there's some kind of YMD ordering joke to be made there.

So it turns out the "inspection" was actually the installer coming back to check things out, charge the landlord too much for filters (the new system is 20x20 and Costco never has those), remind him that the water heater is going to catastrophically fail someday soon (he's not wrong), and confirm that yeah, the ductwork on this house is very 1970s (read: built assuming infinite cheap energy). So fine, landlord did kinda need to be here for it, insofar as the visit was needed at all.

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Today's sourdough experiment: ciabatta.

I am not good with wet doughs so We Shall See.

Today in headlines-too-good-to-read-the-article: "Phillies’ Zack Wheeler scratched from start after hurting his nail while putting on his pants"

hashtag never gonna live THAT down

HVAC inspection guy is on his way. So is the landlord because why not? We have lived here for over three years, you'd think he'd have decided we're not gonna sell off all the appliances or something, but apparently he really got burned by a previous tenant and wants to make sure the place is still standing. Still, dude, it's 45 minutes and bridge toll from your house and there's a pandemic, maybe just stay home? We're already having to mask up IN OUR OWN HOME for this. πŸ˜’

Sure a low-altitude flyover is definitely the best way to commemorate the day, good job NYC.

"Planned Flyover: An F-18 jet will be conducting a flyover on the Hudson River towards the Verrazzano Bridge on 9/11 at 3:30 PM. The aircraft will fly at approx 2,500 ft."

uspol, lyrics 

His staffers, campaign and otherwise, are 100% laughing at him behind his back.

I mean, every. line. of. that. song.

Masto web is surprisingly navigable with keyboard only. Good job, @Gargron and company.

He is holding my mouse mat hostage until I fill his food dish.

(To be clear: there is fresh canned cat food there. He is holding out for kibble. Kibble!)

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I feel like maybe the Chiefs weren't the best choice for this?

I think everybody should follow the Washington Football Team lead and just go by their location. I mean clearly it'd work for DUVALLLLLLLL! but I guess the teams want to be able to pack up and move to Las Vegas whenever they want.

Got a phone call to schedule an appointment for the audiologist and I want you all to be proud of me that when she said that was what she was calling for I didn't yell "WHAT? SPEAK UP!" because I bet she's really tired of that (both legitimate *and* smart-aleck versions).

I knew, from past years, that Costco puts their Halloween candy out very early and by Labor Day it's already moved to the back of the store to make room for Christmas stuff. But I haven't visited Costco very often this year so I was not prepared for exactly how far along the cycle they were already.

cw: now you're more prepared than I was for what hit me when I walked in the door.

I've actually wondered about this with NPR podcast panels. They're recording at home, and they're chattier. We hear Mara Liasson's dog, Ayesha Rascoe's kids... I found myself doing web image searches for the dog, for instance, and then thought, this is how stalkers get started. 😬 (She eventually posted a picture on birdsite because I'm not alone in being curious apparently.)

So when things open up are stalkers gonna be more of a problem because celebs have let people into their lives more?

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Pandemic brain: every time I listen to a podcast I'm all "I WANT TO BE THEIR FRIEND THEY SOUND LIKE COOL PEOPLE"

(Current friend-crush: Stacey Abrams, on David Tennant Does A Podcast With. And Tennant too, I guess, though she seems more like My People. Introvert! Who got involved in politics despite herself! (She went further than I ever did obvs))

Me: "Ugh, headache, I should take some ibuprofen" *picks up bottle*

Me, a second later: "Okay, did I actually take some already? Oh well, a double dose won't hurt"

Me, two seconds later: "Okay but did I take some?"

So yeah, I've taken 0-2 doses, no one can tell.

(When my knees/hip are acting up I use a pill box and just put three doses in it, to be sure I never take too much. Although sometimes I look at it and go "okay did I refill it after taking a dose yesterday?")

(outright, I mean, versus this "lol u triggered" game they're currently playing)

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I feel like it's just a matter of time before somebody has an icon that's a red green blue yellow swastika.

My sister ordered toilet paper for me during the shortage. It finally arrived today, direct from China.

(Charmin for scale.)

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