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The first time you try out a new plushie pattern, you should use a basic easy-to-work-with fabric like minky or even just fleece.

Also, do as I say, not as I do.

She also likes to playfully knock things off the chair arm and table so if I keep a trash can there I still have to constantly check it to make sure my scissors etc. aren't in it. It's easier to just let bits fall where they may until I've finished a batch, put away all the tools and finished bits, and *then* clean the floor.

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Carl had surveyed my rather precarious stack of dragons-in-progress earlier today and said "You have a... well, I was going to say 'problem' but I guess it's just 'factory.'"

Also yes if we didn't rent I would *totally* have removed all the carpet because ughh so instead I just give up and let the paper stabilizer bits and minky fluff build up for awhile before vacuuming it. I used to keep a trash can there and tried to get all my scraps in it but it's no use: Olivia just likes to wallow in it.

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Result: I have six baby dragons to finish, but only three wingsets, plus two teal lace wingsets. Not sure what to do with the sixth dragon; maybe make another set of the double butterfly wings, this time with actual metallic gold thread.

(But maybe not. There's a purple double butterfly languishing in the shop already; not even the October purple-orange-black-and-green dragon sale has moved it.)

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So I took my four teal baby dragons and two teal baby dragon wingsets back to my hand-sewing chair, plumped down to cut them out and... realized there were two teal baby dragons and one teal baby dragon wingset already there waiting to be cut out. This will account for why the previous "four" sold out so quickly. Also the previous batch of wings failed in *exactly* the same spot as the one I posted yesterday. πŸ€”

Okay so I had joked about how weirdly gun-shaped a stick vacuum I saw was but the battery-operated Dyson that Wirecutter recommended and that I just bought in a competing-with-Prime-Day sale *is* kind of one of those. It's basically a drill-driver with an overdone turbine on it and if you take the extension off and put the crevice tool on it it basically looks like a big ole ray gun. Carl mocked the go-faster tubes on the turbine cap but I think they're there mostly to break up the πŸ”« silhouette.

*opens birdsite*

"Something went wrong. [β™Ί Try again]"

*closes birdsite*

Boy the next few weeks are gonna just be more and more interesting aren't they. 😐

JoAnn has a little animated delivery truck racing across the screen under the search box today and I tried and failed to type something in the search box before it "disappeared" from my brain three times and then I got distracted trying to look up the name of the phenomenon ("motion-induced blindness") and now I can't remember what I even needed so I guess that's how the ADHD is going to go today. 😩

I mean I feel for them, I really do, they literally opened in January or February, but... no.

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Ran out of teal thread for tiny dragons (in the middle of an embroidery run) so had to make a JoAnn run. Clearly the dragons are wearing off on me.

Just popped in to Amazon and clearly the things I've bought and wishlisted in the Before Time when I was a volunteer reader at a Head Start preschool have matched Amazon's "grandma" patterns.

Literally: baby/toddler clothes, an Echo Show doing video conferencing with someone labeled "Grandma," shape sorters, car seats, toddler toys... c'mon, the kid is still in the "I will never have children" phase. (Kid, I said that too until my early thirties and yet here you are; never say never.)


Aaaaaand every once in awhile despite the tackdown the embroidery machine grabs the edge of the minky, wraps it around its own foot, and stitches itself into the fabric. This never ends well for the needle or the fabric.

So yeah, now I'll have *two* teal dragons that need prosthetic wings. And another needle fragment to dig out of the internals of the machine. 😩

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Finished stitching out the teal baby dragon wings. The thread color transition happened in the middle of the spine of one of them. The "plastic" on top is stabilizer, which keeps the thread from disappearing into the pile of the minky.

(also yes that's the BeeZeeArt noodle dragon pattern, I have zero chill)

I mean, 30" dragon. 60" fabric, the gold is down the middle and the rust/peach/whatever is the two edges.

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The bad news: no Sulky 1046. The okay news: at least they had a Coats that’s a good match for the fabric. The bad news: one dragon is going to have wings that don’t match (actually I’ll probably make it some FSL wings instead).

The dangerous news: JoAnn had a whole rack of sparkly pre-cuts.

The expensive news: and an ombrΓ© foil.

The bad news: the ombrΓ© runs half the width of the fabric so it would take a 60” dragon (or whatever) to show the whole range.

I did *not* think there was that little thread on the spool. 2.5 out of 4 dragon wings sewn and *now* what am I gonna do?

(Hope JoAnn carries that color, i guess, because all the stores that carry Sulky are across the river.)

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