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Desperate-to-prove-it's-antifa: "oh look they brought shields, only antifa brings shields"




Congress: You other people need to invoke the 25th!

Also Congress: gonna go home so it would take even longer to impeach if you don't.


(tbh both need to happen; 25th to buy time for the inevitably-slow impeachment)

On the fourteenth day of Christmas, my USPS delivered for me... 🎶

(luckily no partridges, they'd be 💀)


This morning I'm seeing it referred to as a "failed insurrection" or a "failed coup" and... not seeing where the insurrectionists failed at all. All that and only thirteen arrests seems like a resounding success for them.

"Incomplete," so far, but the year is young.

uspol, holy mother forking shirtballs 

If this is true (it's a WaPo reporter, so it's likely) then I feel like this is a bad sign.

Well, let's see how that peaceful transfer of power is going...

*opens birdsite*

*closes birdsite*


Update: I can feel my face again so that's nice. Did you know: when your lower eyelid is numb your brain is all "nope that eye is actually not closing, the upper eyelid is touching something but it can't possibly be the lower lid"? It's not fun.

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Had some dental work done and can't feel my eyeball so that's fun.

Carl had to stop talking to me because the stroke-sufferer look was getting to him. 😆

uspol, papol 

In case you thought things would be fine after 🍊 left office: Pennsylvania's GOP-controlled legislature just decided not to seat a Democrat because they don't like mail-in ballots, even though the election has been certified and the state Supreme Court has said the ballots were valid.

Democracy was mostly fine while it lasted, I guess.

coronavirus, +++ 

Kid gets a slightly different message, based on lack of risk factors.

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coronavirus, +++ 

Well, I got me in before the system fell over due to demand. 😬

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Karen Opens Birdsite (a uspol edition), 😆 

*opens birdsite*

*sees that Ivanka has tagged birdsite handle "realMeatLoaf" instead of "real[her father]"*

*laughs, literally, out loud*

*closes birdsite*

I am torn between "the text makes sense" and "the presentation of the text makes me go 'this is why nobody loves the web now'"

uspol, 🐘 

What if instead, and I'm just spitballing here, you attracted more voters by changing your policies to things more people want?

Grocy has a "quick consume" button so you can adjust inventory on stuff that you don't put in recipes and there's a default that's just one of whatever the first measurement is. So the first button on the stock review page is "Consume 1 Gram of Active Dry Yeast." Yum.


WaPo needs to (and probably will) make an annotated version of that phone call transcript because I thought I was keeping up with things but I still only recognized about half of the wacky conspiracies.

I mean, I get that you have to be careful about repeating them while debunking but honestly they've just repeated the president reciting all the QAnon fantasies OAN's been pumping into his head so they might as well explain them.

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