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(It's a local art/craft show; I'm going to venture to guess they've got a slide for every vendor and they're putting them in the thingies on their profile. You can't just save a bunch of pictures directly there, you have to put them in Stories. Most people preface that kind of dump with an apology...)

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When you accidentally dump your entire camera roll into your Stories...

(Each of those little dashes is actually a progress bar: it sits on each image for something like 5 seconds. I have *never* seen anyone put that many things in their Stories.)

the former guy, 😆 

Even a stopped clock etc.

"One of the sources noted that helping recover money paid to ransomware actors is certainly an area where the US government can provide assistance but noted that success varies dramatically and largely depends on whether there are holes in the attackers' system that can be identified and exploited."

I choose to find the timing of this greatly amusing.

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Petition to call electric cars what Ursula LeGuin does in Lathe of Heaven (1971): batcars.

Also also if you're a public figure and your password is composed of your name + your wife's name and your respective birth years, all Wiki-available... honestly you did yourself a favor because it was "public" long ago, you just didn't know it.

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Also if your password is composed of your name + your wife's name and your respective birth years and you *still* need it written down... 🤦‍♀️

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uspol, opsec 

Holy carp, Mo Brooks tried to dunk on a process server (when any respectable Congressperson would have waived service instead of hiding anyway) by posting a picture of this.

... Instead of taking a screenshot.

... Which wouldn't have captured his post-it with his GMail password on the bottom of the monitor.

(Clearly it's not just state reps, Jake.)

So over on my ttrpg alt, I click on a hashtag in one of my follows' posts, and up pops a column that... doesn't include the post I came from.

Oh right they've "silenced" m.soc so I can't even use that to look up other hashtagged posts FROM PEOPLE I FOLLOW.

<sarc>Yes very good glitchsoc, you've done a great job of giving users control over their experience.</sarc>

I was pretty sure I had a reasonable grasp of the broad rules about how to play baseball but you know what, once they got out the tug-of-war rope and the volleyball net I was just lost.

Local NWS tweeter is entirely too gleeful about the start of the heat wave. (Forecast high of 94 today; nighttime temps won't get below 70 until Friday night.

We drove past a *bunch* of car dealerships today and did not freak out. Baby steps, we can do this.

They're closed tomorrow, can you still do that thing where you walk around on the lot and look at vehicles without being pestered by salespeople?

(Last time I bought a used car apart from word-of-mouth: 2004. Last time I bought a new car: 1986.)

(to be clear: they emailed because I'm on their list from last time. And all applying does is send my name to the Camden County office, and last time they were also desperate statewide but Camden had more applicants than positions. So I don't expect to actually be called up, especially because they've doubled the payment - $400/day!)

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*reads article about how short NJ is on poll workers*

"Huh, the election is Tuesday, it's probably too late to..."

*receives email from NJ begging me to apply to be a poll worker*

"Okay so *not* too late I guess."

*sighs, applies to be a poll worker*

It is a sad day.

When I moved from Kansas I kept my 316 phone number, and ever since I've known that if I get a phone call from a PA/NJ area code it's probably legit, because all my spam calls come from 316.

I got a "trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty" call from 267, a Philly area code, just now. It was a good run while it lasted.

Oh good, the rain's gonna stop for the weekend and maybe it'll be nice enough to... oh.


According to Aldi's website they no longer require masks for unvaccinated customers *or* employees, so hopefully high-pony pair were just vaccinated and fine. But see, this is why I made these!

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Mask-use update!

One-room post office: Still required, 100% compliance (2 of 2 😆).

PetSmart: Not required, almost 100% masked anyway (1 employee unmasked, showing small pets to a masked family including <12's)

Aldi: Not required(? forgot to check), almost 100% masked anyway (all but 1 mother/daughter pair unmasked, extremely North Jersey stereotypes w/bleach-blond high ponies and oversized sunglasses indoors).


Like people's pronouns do *not* include "here is the plural form, you must use this instead of 'them' any time you refer to a group that includes me, or might include me." So "them" is perfectly fine for referring to a single person. YES EVEN IF YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT PERSON'S PRONOUNS because some of us struggle to remember *names*, we are not going to be able to manage pronouns as well and we *need* an acceptable placeholder until we know someone well enough to remember. GIVE ME THIS

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I can't get over hearing about someone saying you can't use "them" to refer to a single person, not because "but it's pluuuuural" but instead because "it excludes people with pronouns like 'xe.'"

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