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River, river, river, blink-and-you'll-miss-Fort-Mifflin and suddenly you're on a runway.

There's a ship docked at Fort Mifflin and I don't know what it is. πŸ€”

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i have been largely without good internet for about 4 days and i'm finally home.

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Home again, home again. Man, I love seeing my family, but traveling is just a lot.

Cat will probably snub me for about another hour before he jumps in my lap and forgives me for being gone for days.

PHL arrivals will never not look like you're about to make a water landing. (It's built on what used to be an island in the Delaware River.)

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Someone described the Arch as "a lot going on here" and... yeah. Apparently the museum is less problematic than when I last visited (1981!) but we will not confirm that today.

("Oh, thank you, but I believe I'll just turn it off." At least three people made Silent Thank-You Eye Contact over their masks. I mean I think the guy legit had trouble hearing it, he really did try turning it down and holding it to his ear but we could all still hear it and nobody wanted chipper morning-show hosts pretending to have thoughts about Afghanistan before 7am.)

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Being that my name is literally Karen I try to avoid confrontations with strangers but I carry dollar store ear buds in my purse at all times for my kid who has invariably broken hers and today I offered them to a stranger who was playing a news show loudly on transit where other people were trying to sleep or listen on earphones and I'm not at all sorry.

Just once I'd like to empty my purse out and not discover that a packet of honey mustard or whatever has exploded in the bottom of it.

I don't even remember having put a packet of honey mustard in my purse.

(okay weirdly if you *just* change the slider it lets you submit, and if you go back in the phone number and checkbox have been cleared. And then it sends a special little text TO TELL YOU YOU'VE OPTED OUT of texts; just one last little fuck-you)

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(Also, not just texts but robocalls. And the CVS recorded voice was like they put out a casting call for "Voice actor who can do the most smarmy, irritating voice possible.")

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I really really REALLY hate CVS but Carl's the one with regular prescriptions so I reluctantly accept it as our pharmacy. I signed in to see if my doc had sent the inhaler script I asked for, and:

Can't sign in without giving my cell #.
That automatically signs you up for texts.
Attempting to opt out is... entirely Hotel Californian.

Is it really "consent" if it's not optional?

(The context for that map, BTW, was that channel pointing out this is the worst AQ reading for NYC in fourteen years. We've had smoke from Canadian fires more recently than that, so it's not entirely the smoke; heat/humidity are bad.)

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And we're actually not the worst in the area, probably (we're somewhat below and to the right of the Philadelphia dot, on the edge of the green swath of Pinelands).

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Despite living in a pretty suburban/bordering-rural part of New Jersey, we have mediocre air quality most days just because, well, Jersey is tiny and the industrial areas of Pennsylvania and North Jersey are not that far from us as the wind blows. Plus, we have pets. So we've had a big ol' air purifier for several years now. It has three fan levels, and we normally have it on Auto so it ramps up when it detects particulate.

Long story short, it's been on the middle level all day because Oregon.

Went looking for something in my camera roll and remembered I took this picture at Costco.

I can only hope his other car says "Jenkins."

Video games: Fishing minigame!

Real life: Challenge accepted! ... wait, not sure we quite understand that phrase

Just went to water the hanging plants on the porch and had a mutual startle moment with a bat who probably thought they had found a relatively cool place to hang out for the heat-advisory day. Sorry! You can come back, I'm done!


Yep, our statewide R0 (or RT, but without subscripts that sounds like a Russian network) hit 1.16 as of yesterday. Come ON people.

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On the one hand, I'm kind of sad to see that that hashtag has fallen out of favor. On the other hand, presumably it's because there are fewer outages these days. seems to be atm.

Naturally I haven't backed up my stuff there in awhile. I should put that on a schedule.

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