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Current cold status:

Meds+5 hours=This is fine, I think I'm mostly over this

Meds+5 hours+5 minutes=Nose running like a faucet, achey

come onnnnn

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(Seriously. I don't have enough Philly-specific content to maintain a presence on but I'd like to have its local feed as a column in my client here. And I pop in to my forwarded account on now and then just to see what doesn't make it to Why should I have to do this?)

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In a perfect fediverse you'd be able to subscribe to other sites' local timelines.

Managed to go all night (almost nine hours!) without getting up for meds, though this morning that meant realizing just how many muscles are sore that the ibuprofen was masking. Good news is, I'm not coughing much at all anymore, though I still need to blow my nose now and then and whoof those muscles are just worn out.

I cooked dinner last night (boiled some pasta, heated up jarred spaghetti sauce and frozen notmeat balls) with the agreement kid would do the dishes. That has not happened.

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Also: decided to go six hours between ibuprofen and Sudafed because while it's "take every 4-6 hours" it's also "no more than 4x per day" and yeah, NOT ready for that yet. Gonna swap in some acetaminophen in the morning (it gives me weird dreams) so my liver doesn't hate me but yyyeah, glad I got the family-size Sudafed. *koffkoff*

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You know what's great about when your kid reaches adulthood? When you get sick you can just dump all the household responsibility on them.



The "more contagious than chicken pox" thing is... really dated.

(Just remember: most of us olds got chicken pox before we were even old enough for school, because it tore through playgroups like wildfire. If you were exposed at all, you got it, it wasn't even a question.)

(Hmm, I should make an appointment for a shingles vaccine. I think they give them to under-60's these days.)


Update: sending Carl over to pick up a home test kit, because I'm impatient, and also because I don't want to have a coughing jag on the way over and drive into a tree.

Taking pseudoephedrine every four hours yesterday seems to have knocked out most of the cough, but every now and then I get a little phlegm to which my body COMPLETELY overreacts. I mean, sure, for a split-second my airway is completely blocked, but it does not require *that* much violence to clear it. Ow.

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stilllll hasn't rained (though there have been fun storms, including a tornado, north of us)

Thinking of scheduling a covid test tomorrow, just for peace of mind.

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Hasn't rained yet but I am 99.9% sure I caught something. 😒

We were masked with everybody but family, but also one side of the family brought home a non-covid something from camp a few weeks ago so maybe that was it? So far, not serious but I am extremely happy I picked up an albuterol inhaler for the trip (because of the smoke). Didn't use it the whole trip but definitely using it now.

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Supposed to get thunderstorms today which will knock all the dust/smoke out of the air so I can figure out whether this is air-quality related or whether I caught something while traveling. (My only symptoms are post-nasal drip and chest congestion, so not *that* Something.)

travel, covid 

Currently playing the game "is this cough just 'welcome back to NJ air quality alerts' or breakthrough covid?"

(98% sure it's the former. Shoulda kept my mask on every minute I was outside yesterday.)

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Oh right that's why I stopped using Firefox's bookmarks: while testing out a Pinterest-to-bookmarks thing I accidentally added a contact's Pinterest board. Four times.

She was a journalist, so of course the board was "Drinky."

brb off deleting hundreds of cocktails

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Just dug into Firefox's bookmarks, which I never use, and found a folder where I apparently recorded all my open tabs at one point. Including one to Google Reader.

Firefox you are a *hoarder*.

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So hopefully we minimized our risks; we have a big fat nothing on our calendar for the next couple weeks so it'll be a sort of informal post-travel quarantine. I've been masking up locally already because of the air quality, so that won't change.

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Wichita does not mask up nearly as much as their lower vax numbers mean they should. We masked up to make a grocery run and MIL informed us that the grocery no longer required it; I responded with "but *we* require it." We didn't run into any pushback from strangers, even at the Redneck Walmart.

We didn't leave the airport in either St. Louis or Denver, despite extended layovers. Masking was reasonably well adhered to in the airports. Saw no pax misbehavior either.

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travel, covid 

So although we didn't make a big fuss about it before/during (house was sitting empty and we haven't gotten the video surveillance thingies set back up), we went back to Kansas for a belated Christmas visit. TBH if Carl's mom wasn't ending every email with "X days left!" I would have postponed because ugh. Family cooked, or we picked up to-go meals for everyone, which was nice because turns out a lot of the stress in visiting is dealing with a large family group in a restaurant.

Carl was correct about the cat forgiveness period; after an hour of nervously pacing around the house, all three cats came to visit me for scritches and Poppi, my personal assistant, will now not stop headbutting me demanding attention (and food).

So it turns out Fort Mifflin still has a Corps of Engineers presence (I thought it was just a museum) and that is the McFarland, a dredger:

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