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Dear LibraryAware: if you make me solve a recaptcha to unsubscribe from a topic, I will instead just teach Gmail to classify all your mailings as spam.

I have discovered a problem with @Mastodon v3.0.0 (as installed on mastohost/, anyway): just as I click on the text box to start describing my picture, it fills in the button for "analyze text" and then I have to wait... wait... wait... for the dang thing to come up with some gibberish before I can type the real description.

I have done it three times so far, and I'm pretty close to just not writing descriptions anymore (the extra click to get to the edit box is bad enough).

On the up side: orthodontist went ahead and saw us even though the appointment was actually Friday.

(In hindsight, *not* getting the reminder text should have tipped me off...)

Update: kid forgot her meds so we came straight home after the appointment. Closest we got to the ocean was seeing salt marshes. πŸ˜”

Got up early to take Carl to the train station and startled 4-5 deer on acorn cleanup duty in the side yard. So now there's an EXTRA amount of deer poop over there.

Gonna be near the ocean tomorrow, but it's gonna be 60F and windy and a 50% chance of rain, go anyway?

j/k not gonna put a poll there OF COURSE I'M GOING

One of my nieces has asked for "mini brands" for her birthday and I had to look them up and I am torn between "that is awful commercialism" and "THOSE ARE ADORABLE."

(it's a warehouse organization game and their completely different classification methods completely explain why I can never find anything in the kitchen/fridge)

Husband/kid are playing a game together over mic. Kid is upstairs so I'm only hearing half of it.

Carl: "Why are the pitchforks under the marmite?"

Well, at least we had *one* day where neither the AC nor heat was running. πŸ˜’

It is "air conditioner was running full blast yesterday, followed a salt truck down the highway today" time of year.

(I assume they're just positioning them for the season, because it's thirty degrees colder today than yesterday but it'd have to drop that far *again* to even consider actually salting.)

Got to educate the kid on "Here is how you handle a minor traffic accident" so overall, just added a little excitement to our day, nbd.

Oughta get the other car's brakes done so we aren't car-less while the quarter-panel gets replaced.

Used to drive a mini-van with poor right-rear-quarter visibility, so a guy in a construction truck lived my nightmare today: sudden lane change and OH CRAP THERE WAS A LITTLE CAR THERE.

Very nice guy, very honest with the cop, hope his company doesn't fire him for it. (The truck didn't sustain any noticeable damage; this was all tire as far as we can tell. Might've traded some paint but they were both white vehicles πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ)

c'mon Slack if someone types "vpmg..." you should just know on multiple levels they want the confused emoji

uspol morbid humor 

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