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Also I have not reached the stage where I am willing to go out in leggings without a sweater-dress over top of them. Leggings aren't pants!

... they sure are comfy though.

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We have reached the "eh, I'm not going anywhere, I'll just wear leggings around the house" stage of stay-at-home, almost IMMEDIATELY followed by "eh, it's just a pet store run, leggings are *practically* pants" stage.

(Normally I go early in the morning, when it's not crowded and the aerosols have had all night to settle. But Ramses is out of kibble and would not have let us sleep. He has three kinds of canned food out but noooooo, has to have his kibble.)

That Perl script is going to search for unclosed quotes as well as unpaired parentheses. πŸ˜’

I have been *telling* our landlord he needs to get those out; he had a tree service take all the limbs off four or five dead ones but hadn't gotten around to getting the trunks/stumps out. There's another one half again as tall as that that leans over *our* (well, his) house.

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So I heard a sound last night that sounded like the trash bin going over. I started to head out there and then went, "you know what, the only thing we have around here big enough to overturn a wheelie bin is a bear, and I think I'll pass on going around the dark side of the house.

Turns out it wasn't the side of the house, it was the back.

Update to this, which I kinda like: now the region-specific audio is that Consider This (NPR podcast that's a mini-recap of All Things Considered, kinda) now has a caboose of WHYY news.

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It's an excellent week for "hearing the podcast sponsorship readers read ridiculous company names absolutely deadpan": Twilio is sponsoring NPR and also Woop. In particular the latter because he's very carefully enunciating that it's not "whoop." Definitely "woo" with a "p."

I have noticed an interesting pattern with the ice cream truck: we always hear it on days when it's poor ice cream weather. We sometimes hear it when it's not, but days like today, when a lovely cold front has rolled through and we get an Extremely Fall day, we *always* hear it.

I conclude that we're a second-tier neighborhood. Places that it frequents every day, people don't buy at all on days like this. But places where we see it less often, people are more likely to buy anyway.

I called the cat tech support line and they said this is normal but I dunno, I'm pretty sure her spine was assembled incorrectly, and that her dignity was never installed at all.

Yeah, it's not my usual nerdy designs, but this one and the last one will be gifts. This one matches my sister's kitchen AND IF YOU'RE READING THIS JENN, YOU REALLY SHOULD STAY OFF MY SOCIAL MEDIA THE WEEK OF YOUR BIRTHDAY. πŸ˜†

I went in-person to the regular grocery store, since my cough is apparently nothing contagious (sez my doc 🀞) and incidence is (currently) low here.

They play very upbeat, kinda danceable music, but interspersing it with the periodic "plz no hoarding" PSA really makes for some mood whiplash.

The only thing there seemed to be a shortage of was Carl's decaf Diet Coke, and that seemed to be an ordering goof rather than a shortage.

It's also the only thing I can't get at Aldi/Costco. πŸ˜’

Local Mexican restaurant was running a "buy three dinners, get a free car" special last night according to our receipt.

1 White Hyundai 0.00
1 AlPastor Burrito 11.00
1 4 Tacos Chorizo 12.00
1 Pollo Mole pobla 15.00

Grocery store: "Shop our Halloween candy selection!"

Grocery store: "Snack size, snack size, fun size, tootsie pops, snack size, Andes mints..."

Me: "Yeah I'm gonna stop you right there."

I just remembered the other notable thing at Costco. Didn't get a picture but: a whole end-cap of their 30-day emergency food buckets. This is the first hurricane season I've seen them do that; usually that's a website-only item.

(I did not get one; I have the equivalent in the pantry already.)

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uspol, electoral college 

Another argument against the electoral college: when your own president doesn't even consider your existence if you live in a state that reliably votes for his opponent.

(That's the most charitable reading of this tweet. Uncharitably: he *consciously* decided to throw blue-state R voters under the bus because hurting Dems is the most important thing.)

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