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Game Making Tools

Has anyone ever taken Christmas chocolate wrappers and turned them into Quake skins

Should also mention that the sign-up deadline is very soon! Get your list up by December 2nd?

It's Glorious Trainwrecks Sekret Santa time!!!

New people always welcomed!!!

The deal is: you make a list of things you might like in a game, then someone'll make you something, and you'll make someone something, and all the games are great and beautiful.

If you make games in unity and want to engage with some alternative controller stuff, I'd love you to make a game for the mystery box! An anthology game experience? Toot at me if you're interested! #gamedev

Version 0.5 of my Superfeather SNES Framework is out, codenamed "Flying Kobold"

This archive includes precompiled binaries, so please verify checksums!

MD5: 669262526d62ca2f69ffee81e4a4a2b5
SHA1: 63d7a3288ab999483772285cb2e4bd40f2d6aae4
SHA256: 34c9cc334d2a06607ad1541b484a13ce3e319d56ab172220527d8a933d2c6156

Artwork by @sadie_bunny !

tired: programming
wired: amateurgramming

Game that procedurally generates arcane machinery and then procedurally breaks it and you have to reassemble it and it's like Myst but replayable

itchio people: is it possible to release a project on that site and have profits split evenly among members of the team who worked on it, rather one sum going to whoever runs the uploading account?

Slow software is a diversity issue. If your software only works on new, high end macbook laptops, then the poor can't run your software.

Oh gosh, Ian just added a webcam brush to Vertex Meadows. Check out the Eyes example on the website:

Been finding plenty of new tools lately, but mostly just adding little bits like links to the wiki.

I think I finished the wiki theme!

Some parts feel a bit hacky :( but I'm glad to get that off the to-do list. Mobile version next, I guess.

Themeing things like this always leaves me confused re why they complicate their CSS so much.

Also finally got stuck into the messy world of mediawiki themeing today (and fixing some other things in LocalSettings.php) Mostly just been doing little changes recently.

Awwwww. My fave nice videogame bar gallery thing is turning 1, and they're doing a jam to celebrate + showing the entries on the night:

Just a reminder of what the best cover of a programming book is, specifically a Japanese book on the Zilog Z80 and Motorola 6809.

Geepers, look at this pretty thing made it Game-Maker. Really pushing it D: (Twitter link)

Or is it just called PAINT.EXE? Probably, right? At least I wrote 'jame' right.