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Hi Mastodon, I started a podcast about shareware / freeware / homebrew game history! First episode is out now!

This is a terrible idea, right?

Host a Masto instance on my regular computer (Arch Linux).

The federatedness means it's okay to only be up sometimes, but very bad for security right? And a bit silly to tie up computer resources?

If you want to use the Life Simulator Engine I'd appreciate you filling this out

(boosts ok)

There apparently exists a version of the original Thunder Force that includes a level editor. And having found out that Kotori Yoshimura (series creator) is trans, I thought it would be fun to make shit in it. The only evidence that it might actually be real is one screenshot. The internet can't even decide which computer it might actually be on.

Posted a source package that includes LiSE alpha 7 with the dependencies it needs that you can't get with just pip

Dug up an old blog comment from thecatamites: "The only piece of IF history I know is from reading this excellent article on text adventure games in 1980s Czechoslovlakia and how the mixture of local scene-specific trends and national politics eventually resulted in a game where Indiana Jones executes cops with an ax."

And now I have a paper to read.

Been installing the open-source Godot game engine and found this ace list of free software and assets while poking round github:

They have a handy Godot related page of links too;

Is anybody here handy using PyInstaller on Windows? I'd like to get this release packaged and out the door, but I actually do not have a working Windows install at the moment...

I want to commission some art for my engine

I know I need a launcher icon, a desktop wallpaper that looks good behind either Pixel City or the RLTiles, and perhaps extensions to those, so that a RLTiles character doesn't look out of place in a modern setting

That's all I got. Let me know if you're interested. Boosts ok

Hi I miss MySpace. I miss a really good way to find and be friendly with local bands and everyone personallising the hell out of their page with CSS.

Can that be part of the blueprint for the next open-source-federated-social-what's-it please?

Can we just have heaps more stuff on our profile pages here?

Maybe it's possible to do one super-ace instance like this? :(

(could also be about Myst, and myst).


Yes even you! If it's Twine or Unreal or rolling it all from scratch. They're all as valid as each other and the barrier to entry is getting ever lower.

I'm so excited by the upcoming release of RPG Maker Fes. Suddenly every 3DS owner will have a game making suite in their pocket available to buy. And even better - everyone gets access to the player for free! That rules!

Wooo my avatar resizes slightly when I mouseover it! Just mine, lucky me!

The only joke I like is just saying 'the world is a vampire'.

So does the 'awoo' in '' have a meaning?

(been thinking about doing an actually-me-not-just-gamemakingtools masto account, just thinking about where to plonk it. Might do a single user instance just for fun?)

@gamemakingtools And in Mastodroid too. Hmm better check the browser version---

Geez, Attack of the Friday Monsters is sweet as hell. All this adorable kid-think. I think I'll end up playing through the whole thing in one day.

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