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Seems like Twidere is an okay Mastodon Android client :)

@oxenfree All the PHP examples use the username/password method. Don't have the time or skill to looking into how a secret key only approach would work, but this way works for now I guess :/

Well, i think it sucks Mastodon has no full working example of posting to it using PHP without sending across your email and password, but I think we have something working now. Hooray?

@Gargron @oleerik I don't mean to be so negative, but this API just seems really strange to use, having to deal with tokens + actual user credentials, it just doesn't seem right

Jeezus the Mastodon API is terrible to use. Just want a very simple thing to post a status, but it seems all PHP examples require you to give over your username and password. Absolutely craziness.

@Gargron @oleerik An API that relies of keys that can be easily revoked, is much better and safer, if anyone gets them they have no way into your account, not so when using user credentials

@oleerik @Gargron If an API requires you to give over your actual username and password, it's terrible and a pretty big security risk

@Gargron @oleerik i'm surprised there's no interface here to just register an app, grab a secret key and then use that, should be no need to provide login credentials to post

@Gargron @oleerik this is where i'm not a fan, telegram, for example, just allow you to create a bot/application and get a secret key and you just use that single key to post to something, much better than using your actual username a password, which all php examples ive seen do

@Gargron @oleerik i know what curl is, but the point is that there's no proper example of getting the credentials you need to post a status

@bea sorry but giving an example in a language ive never used isn't helpful

@Gargron @oleerik that's my problem, there's no simple example of doing exactly that with PHP

@dakira it doesn't really make much sense, they don't tell you how to authorize the app or where to add it

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@luke_nukem much rather a simple php request like Telegram has, no need to make it any more complicated than that, check a secret key, if it matches, post

Sorry folks, but until there's a super simple way to just post to Mastodon through a web-request or an easy way for Mastodon accounts to scrape an RSS feed we will not post here.

Until we sort out auto-posting, you can follow our news on Telegram:

Guess I need to look into a way to have our news auto posted here again then eh?