GOG's Flash Deals for Cyber Monday look good, save on titles like Moonlighter, Gemini Rue and more: gog.com/?pp=b2a10a6c3dcadb10c8

My two favourite suggestions:

@FediFollows : Great suggestions for accounts to follow on Mastodon.

@gamingonlinux : Not only a great website, but also a nice database you can use to search for Linux games or games.

You can searchgames by tag: (example: gamingonlinux.com/articles/cat)

Or you can see their list of free linux games (you can filter by license for open source games): gamingonlinux.com/free-games/

Don't forget to support them: gamingonlinux.com/support-us/

Happy Thanksgiving to all our followers celebrating.

We would like to give thanks to all our readers and supporters for keeping us going! <3 🐧🐧

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