So not only is trying to ban cross-posting, they don't even want to allow RSS feed posting.

So a news website, which does a service to users, can't even have it's content up here easily for everyone. Well done, good job. This is pathetic.

(reposted to be clearer)


*We've set our posting to Unlisted by default now, so no matter what we post it won't appear unless you follow us.

Frankly, the people running continue to make stupid decisions pushing people away and only makes me just want to use Twitter more...

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@gamingonlinux you could also use any other instance instead, or even consider hosting your own. The fediverse isn't just limited to the mastodon flagship instance, you know

@phoenix I am well aware, but all of that is extra time consuming nonsense we shouldn't have to do to serve our interested users who wish to follow us on Mastodon.

We're only here at user request.

@gamingonlinux well, my primary way of getting notified of your new articles is the fediverse, so I do hope you keep posting here, unlisted or not. If you end up looking for a new instance I would recommend or, both instances have very sensible policies and admins. Just something to consider.

@phoenix If we do ever consider moving, it would be to our own self-hosted instance so we don't have to deal with any of this complete stupidity.

@a1batross @phoenix "posts are not that important when you just posting news from your own website" -> that makes no sense, of course they're important, it's what we do, it's why we exist

@gamingonlinux @a1batross @phoenix *Past posts are not that important

(It was what he was trying to say - if you migrate your account, past posts are not that important)

@a1batross @CheapSeth @phoenix What if we have past posts that are important though, that continue to be boosted all the time?

@gamingonlinux understand that the rule against crossposting is to preserve the integrity of the federated/local timelines. There is a blanket rule because the vast majority of crossposters are not actively involved with the Fediverse, so are essentially empty bots pumping content into the website with no interaction. There are users who both crossposts and actively engage with the fedi, which is perfectly fine — all you need to do is reach out to the mods and we’ll make a note of it.

@LuigiEsq the local and federated timelines are an absolute mess as it is anyway, they also move along rapidly, they're almost impossible to follow anyway so why the heck does it matter at all?

@gamingonlinux @LuigiEsq there was a time when it was much worse because most of the timeline was bots that posted from huge news websites. it was basically extra clout

@gamingonlinux @LuigiEsq if anything, it is a huge problem which, unfortunately, requires such measures to be dealt with. the real discussion here should be about the alternatives like more proper profile directories or some community organized opt in listing for each resource/website/etc.

@gamingonlinux That's absolutely ridiculous! Almost seems to go against the idea of Mastodon as a whole.

That said, unless .social has disabled it, if it gets really bad, you could move your account to another Mastodon instance.

@morguldir I know, until I can figure out a way for feed2toot to be unlisted when it posts our news, not much else i can do, this whole thing is complete bullshit as the public timelines are a shitty mess all the time anyway

@gamingonlinux 99% of this stems from people or news sites setting up crossposting, then promptly forgetting about it and refusing to interact or apparently even read replies. RSS alone is way better for that (and I sub to your RSS feed anyhow!).

But, yeah, as an instance attracts a *lot* of... well, trash, to put it bluntly. Kind of like the early days of public email with AOL accounts (or Hotmail, or now GMail). Many people block it entirely now.

@gamingonlinux Since RSS fell by the wayside (blame Google News?) for most people, lots have started to use social media accounts to replace them. And the big players like FB, Twitter, etc. profit from that behaviour by messing with algorithms, hiding posts unless you pay $$$ to boost, etc.

Sure, ostensibly it costs them to host that part, and sure, there's the readers/fans reaharing that might make it worth it, but it personally felt like a huge step backward. I don't know.

@gamingonlinux move to fosstodon or other instance, I think they're not applying the same stupid rules @Gargron created for his instances.

@gamingonlinux Hey, did you get my suggestion for using for automated stuff?

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