15 years ago today, released their first with "Warty Warthog", it changed everything.

Thanks to it, I got properly interested in again, enough to stick around.

Happy birthday Ubuntu!

Those were the days, when every Ubuntu release had a *brown* Desktop, by default.

@gamingonlinux I remember not wanting to pay for a Windows licence.

My mate showed me Ubuntu circa 2007, showed me the wobbly windows and I was sold.

Don't use Ubuntu anymore, but I've been a Linux guy ever since, and I make a living as a Linux guy.

@ben Funny, I remember giving Ubuntu to an old friend, came over their place one day and they showed me the compiz cube spinning their desktop around. Didn't take them long out out-do me in Linux knowledge...

@gamingonlinux Haha I forgot about that. I used to like to sit 'inside' the cube like it was a room full of desktops.

Now I use a tiling WM which couldn't be further. Fast forward 10 years and I will probably not have a graphical server

@gamingonlinux I was already converted to linux but when I heard about shipit I switched to ubuntu just to support a distro that did that.

I remember when I switched to debian. Was mowing the lawn listening to Dave Yates talking about why he was switching back to debian. So I got to thinking about things and decided I was not going to stop running derivative distros.

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