How anyone can think it's "Good" that a game is being taken away from a platform where people purchased it, spent money in-game and more is beyond me.

When did people become so hostile to the fun of others?

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This dick move will not be forgotten.
I will simply blacklist all future games coming from this company, even if they have a native Linux version.

Linux users, vote with you wallet !

@sebsauvage @gamingonlinux

I think Epic does things like this quite regularly, the only difference is, that they now screwed over existing customers of a game vs killing support for games in development (e.g. kickstarter projects that promised GNU/Linux support but never delivered when aking Epic as publisher)

@gamingonlinux And what baffles me is that 0.3% of 57 million registered players are still 171 thousand players. If everyone just paid 10€ and has never bought any DLC or in-game items that would still be over 1.71 Million €. And with the time you invest, you also increase the portability of your source code base, probably enabling switch and console ports. I would speculate that "not economically viable" is just an excuse to implement EAC.

going against all his bs takes 1 


"Linux is too fragmented to have proper support" - 1 : Most devs (including Valve itself) simply choose to support a single or a few distros (Ubuntu & SteamOS, and I'm not saying it's a good thing), and 2 : Surprisingly, even then, if a game runs good one one distro it has 90% chance to also run fine in another, the "fragmentation" almost has no effect in games, because the APIs to run shit on Linux are mostly distro agnostic

going against all his bs takes 2 


"it's too much work" - I mean, most big game engines (Unity, Source, Even UE itself) support Linux by default, it has more to do with devs trying to only focus on Windows features (directX) and when it comes time to port to somewhere else they discover they have to re-implement stuff in other solutions that are platform agnostic

going against all his bs takes 3 

"games run worse on Linux" - <Please refer to last point>, and to give an example: Programs that are made thinking sepcifically on Linux first (think Da Vinci Resolve) and then ported to Windows, the W version is the buggy one

going against all his bs takes, but not really 


Also, the obvious:

1. "Don't make games for Linux because people don't use it"

2. "Don't use Linux for gaming because there are no games for it"

3. <refer to 1>

4. <refer to 2>



It sounds like this guy has never actually used Linux, or maybe did 10 years ago and got frustrated and wrote it off. Maybe he tried to install Arch. :troll: Luckily his profile says he "used to make videogames."

Having a blind hatred of an OS/platform or even a narrow minded superiority complex for a single platform really limits your ability to grow as an engineer.

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