@gamingonlinux You mean all browsers are turning into one open source browser solution instead of the other? Maybe it is because the other has terrible performance and battery life? Being open source and supporting people's privacy doesn't fix things like performance or internet compliance. Not saying this to bash Mozilla, just provide a few counterpoints.You would think with the millions Mozilla makes in search deals that they'd be able to hire more software engineers.

@Phaserune @gamingonlinux

Big risk to rely on a open source project fully depended from one single company named Google, especially because the other competitors were already assimilated.

Now there is once again only one big FOSS based player (with a mainstream product) on the market: It's Mozilla Firefox.

What would happen if Chrom* based browsers where the only ones? Check AdNauseam add-on to see how liberty and creativity where locked out

@Phaserune @gamingonlinux



Oft course there are workarounds and it is Chrome not Chromium but we'll see here the way it is going.

About the Firefox performance: it is fast enough on my 10years old desktop and I'm working a lot with computers in my job and in private life.

@PhaseRune 🎮 well, that open source browser of yours is in hands of the biggest spying machine in the world that thanks to this dominant position is going to force its solution on standards (amp for example) which in turn leads to situation we had some 20 years ago when the internet explorer was the dominant one. so yeah good luck fighting for neutral web standards when 100% of browser market will be Google owned.

@Neel :linuxmint: brave is also just chromium essentially. just like edge, opera and ton others.
@lucy @gamingonlinux Opera switched to Chrome's rendering engine a while back, too. Edge is using the same one.
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