@gamingonlinux How does it work? Bumblebee? Separate nested X session? Wayland feature that i don't yet know about? How is it going to work with stuff like steam, launching launcher in launcher in launcher in launcher? Please don't tell me this is just another useless ui hook that works only on dev's specified version of fedora?

@blue multi-GPU ability has been around on Linux for years

You should look up things like PRIME, switcheroo-control (gitlab.freedesktop.org/hadess/) and so on if you didn't know any of this was possible

@gamingonlinux I know a lot about it, best of those ways require you to switch session. That's why I'm asking, that thing was never easy and never was achievable properly with just a context menu - nvidia before Turing almost doesn't work with prime, bumblebee doesn't support vulkan, the rest always keep the GPU running and its not helping to save energy. So which one is that?

@blue PRIME has never needed you to switch session, and NVDIA added support for it a while ago. Sounds like you're a bit out of date.

@gamingonlinux Yep, prime just never worked for Nvidia, it has been less then a year it's up, and it still needs the gpu to be always powered on, unless you have 2060 like cards! (wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/P)

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