@gamingonlinux You might want to avoid NVIDIA if you want fully supported drivers.

@ignaloidas That's a pretty stupid comment, NVIDIA support their drivers on Linux.

@gamingonlinux NVIDIA supports Linux, but Linux does not support NVIDIA in any real capacity.

@ignaloidas @gamingonlinux NVIDIA provides proprietary driver for major Linux distributions. It has some issues, but overall it works with X window server and installs as DKMS module which is pretty standard way to extend Kernel compatibility. Yes, we would like NVIDIA to put more effort into Linux, but proprietary driver is so much better than running GeForce with nouveau 🤓

@gytis @gamingonlinux It takes 2 to maintain a driver, and NVIDIA does not want to play by Linux's rules. The drivers of those who collaborate with Linux(Intel, AMD) compare to proprietary NVIDIA drivers like proprietary NVIDIA drivers compare to nouveau.

@gamingonlinux @ignaloidas
Still due to driver's proprietary nature driver's development will be driven by nvidia's own priorities first. And afaik they're mostly focused on running 3d modeling software on linux workstations, not games. Although cuda and opencl aren't essential for games, who knows what will break next due to this passive-aggressive standoff between kernel and nvidia devs?
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