@gamingonlinux "I'd just like to interject for a moment. In what you refer to as 'a small step for man', 'man' is actually the same as 'mankind'. You should instead say..."

@lis @gamingonlinux Or as I've recently taken to calling it, "man plus spacesuit".

@gamingonlinux I mean, I'm pretty sure they're using Linux a *ton*, and it certainly looked like either KDE Plasma or XFCE or something along those lines on the mission control computers when watching the landing footage. :)

@sahilister, i was expecting protozoa, but full fledged penguins? whoa 😂

@jason where no person has ever been... the pengiun rule

@sahilister that strikes me! what is the Mars landing is fake?! 😂 what if they just went to Antarctica and did all this? and a penguin just walked into the frame 😂 😂 😂

@jason that that is probably one of the funniest thing. They didn't consider the white continent has penguins.

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