@gamingonlinux I am actually excited about this.

Less about it as a console and more as a very portable linux machine that I can use on the go. :D

@mariusor @gamingonlinux I am excited by more support for proton.

Hopefully it does well enough that valve continues to invest resources in proton.

@alienghic @gamingonlinux as someone on Twitter noticed, the marketing material says "complete Steam library" which implies that they are fully committed to pushing their back catalog to work under SteamOS/Linux.

@mariusor @gamingonlinux

Yeah I hope it works but sometimes there's a difference between the product announcement and reality.

@mariusor @gamingonlinux

:) I hope it works.

My windows gaming spouse was tempted by it... I hope there's some Christmas availability.

@gamingonlinux it’s probably not meant to compete directly with say Nintendo, but the price point seems a bit high, no?

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