@gamingonlinux GOD I HOPE SO! So many games I want to check out but their anti-cheat breaks on Proton.

@gamingonlinux Was this not available already however? The option to build with Wine/Proton support specifically has been in EAC for a while; it's just that almost no developers have used said option.

@esm @gamingonlinux I think the option for Linux was available, though not for Wine/Proton

@MarcellusDrum @gamingonlinux pretty sure there's been a build labeled "wine64" for a while now

@esm @MarcellusDrum That was not available to everyone. Not the full thing is and it's supported properly.

@gamingonlinux This is great news! I hope Valve tackles BattleEye next. They will probably do soon because they are planning to have full compatibility before the Steam Deck launches.

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