@gamingonlinux too late, I banned nvidia from new machines here. It's just crap.

@gamingonlinux (but I don't do gaming except for Frozen Bubble or XBill so…)

@mmu_man@m.g3l.org @gamingonlinux@mastodon.social this isn't really of interest to gamers at all

this is of much more interest to, say, datacenter/cloud vendors, people working on machine learning or other gpu-compute-heavy tasks, and


crypto miners.

like, for example, the crypto miners that hacked nvidia 2 months ago and threatened to release all of their source code (including hardware sources) if nvidia didn't commit to moving things to open source on their own.

@gamingonlinux has anybody checked the temperature in hell already?

@gamingonlinux I'm curious if an expert can weigh in on the claim that this allows Nouveau to reclock. I don't know enough to say, but if true, this is _very_ significant.

@gamingonlinux big news! I think this is a victory for a community that has been suffering and opposing NVIDIA's proprietary policies for decades. It's not enough and it doesn't change my decision not to buy their products, but it's a big achievement of the community.

@gamingonlinux I'm seriously considering running Linux again. ✌️💚💾🖥️⌨️

@Xucaen @gamingonlinux Then what are you waiting for? Go for it I switched from 0 to 100 some years ago befor that I didnt really knew linux at all.

@gamingonlinux Finally 🥳 🥳 🥳 , AMD is way ahead and NVIDIA decided that's its time to finally do something or die lol but hey its good news

@gamingonlinux Never thought i would see the day, hopefully Geforce GPU's get the same treatment for Desktop Users that have NVIDIA cards. Especially those who have laptops with NVIDIA dedicated cards who want to run linux without (major) issues.

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