Bit of a newsflash: some people seem to think Mastodon is *only* for people who don't like company / service X, Y, Z.

Guess what? Mastodon is for everyone and anyone.

Don't confuse your thoughts, with those of everyone else.

When we advertise that we're available on Discord, Telegram, Google News etc it's not a suggestion that those are *only* where we are, or that they are the *best*.

Some people need to get a grip.

I really don't care what you use, do whatever makes you happy.

But every single time we seem to highlight one service, we get berated with to be blunt - tribal morons acting like we hurt their feelings on showing one service.

Time to grow up.

Use whatever makes you happy, stop being a dick about what others use and highlight at times.

Telling us you unfollow us because we shared a link to somewhere people might want to follow us?

Oh no, what a shame. Goodbye.

Thank you for your mandatory attendance of my Masto-talk.

@gamingonlinux I dare not ask about posting on FIDO Net ... (*scnr* - just kidding)

@Xucaen nothing. It was a joke, read the whole thread.

I got my Linux BBS connected to FIDO and other networks as well.

Hope that explains.

@Wintermute_BBS sorry. Just woke up, haven't had coffee, brain not fully functional yet. I ran a BBS in the '90s for about 2 years and I was on fido.i think my addy was 101/185. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. ✌️💚💾

@gamingonlinux See it from this perspective: Knowing why people leave may be relevant information. Also letting people know what kind of behavior isn't appreciated SEEMS to happen. *nudge*

I can see how it is a bit like showing up on a climate change rally delivering leaflets for cheap flights to mexico or an offer to buy the latest SUV.



Yeah, like wtf. Even if I don't like the thing (looking at you Windows), you're free to use it. Use what suits you. Of course I'd be happy if you'd switch to Linux as I'd love more people using it, but if you don't, I don't care. I may ask why not so that we can make something better, but again. Use what suits you...

@gamingonlinux That's also one of my worries. I'm not pushing content like you, but I do feel the "pressure" to use peertube over youtube (in my case) when creating videos.

In a similar fashion, there's this pressure not to use Google for search, no matter what you do and how you do it (i.e. go to a library and use a public computer). This is nonsense.

It happens when people have a negative ideals (don't do this) rather than a positive one (do this). It happens in technology and elsewhere.

@jtr Yeah and people who try to push like that, get muted by me. I have no time for negative tribal attitudes that just spread negativity.

@gamingonlinux if theres something you should do is make gaming on linux available on BBS ;)

Mastodon is for everyone! But it's even better when you enjoy it with a glass of cool, refreshing, Pepsi-Cola! Why not also follow us on Disney Ultra, where you can collect Pepsi Bonus Points for every ad you view?

I know! People need to stop treating Mastodon like it's some weird cult 🙄 Sometimes I see those people jumping into some random discussion just to point out that they don't like the software/website that someone in that conversation mentioned. Of course in a very unfriendly way 🤦‍♂️

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