Do you use the "I don't care about cookies" extension? It was acquired by Avast.

You might want to swap over to Consent-O-Matic, which is free and open source -

@gamingonlinux You can also use a decent filter pack/list with some adblock like a uBlock origin.

@MartinBe now they're with Avast, I don't expect such an easy list from them to continue existing

@gamingonlinux Well, we will see what the future us brings. For me for example, this list works much faster than any of the "doing the same job" extensions I've tried. But if something goes wrong I can always switch to something other. That's the beauty of Linux and open source. 😊👍

@gamingonlinux it's a shame Avast acquired the project, thank you for sharing an alternative though!


i saw that and disabled auto-updates on IDCAC.

unfortunately, consentomatic doesn't work as well.

@gamingonlinux you can just use ublock origin and enable all the extra filter lists

@gamingonlinux why are antivirus companies being so sus lately lmao

@gamingonlinux I recommend uBlock Origin with the following filter lists: AdGuard Annoyances, EasyList Cookie, Fanboy’s Annoyance, uBlock filters – Annoyance. Additionally, I am using the CookieBlock Extension for Firefox. The filters do not block any cookies and are just made to make the surfing experience more convenient. CookieBlock can be configured to only allow necessary cookies.

@gamingonlinux @ChrisWere I use the one that comes built into unlock, but good shoutout

@gamingonlinux already have done so for a while, warmly recommended. Far from perfect but still makes me life just a bit easier.

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