Boost if is your main gaming platform! Linux gamers represent! ✌

@gamingonlinux Have been a primary Linux user for, uh, close to 25 years now, have been a maintainer on a few Steam ports.

It's so much easier to do now than it was 15-ish years ago.

@gamingonlinux The main and only platform. If the game does not run on GNU/Linux natively I do not buy, nor play that game. And there are more than enough Linux games, so I do not even need anything else than Linux.

@gamingonlinux Linux is currently my development platform of choice for all things web and game dev. The Unity editor is stable enough for everything I throw at it.

@mralex Great to hear, we've heard more and more people use tools like Unity and Godot directly on Linux to make cool stuff :D

@gamingonlinux As much as I'd love to use Linux as my main gaming platform, it just doesn't support the games I like (such as Fortnite and PUBG), and most of those games don't work in Wine/POL or they don't perform well.

In addition, in terms of graphics drivers, on Windows it really does tend to 'just work'. Most of the time when I try to install proprietary NVIDIA drivers, I get screen tearing and other performance issues.

@gamingonlinux Nope. Mine is either Windows 7 or Playstation 4. :^)

@gamingonlinux I don't really play anymore, but if happens, it will be on GNU/Linux :-)

However, I contribute to the landscape of gaming on GNU/Linux through a few coding sessions within the AFGRAL : :-)

@gamingonlinux I kinda stopped gaming... Necropolis doesn't work rightin linux ;w;

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