Valve press just emailed back

"Right now we can only confirm windows for this product"

Hopefully support will come, but it's a little odd for their flagship VR game to not support Linux with all the effort they've put into Linux..

Monthly Reminder: You can support our regular game livestreaming with Amazon Prime as it gives you a free Twitch sub:

The long Sunday livestream is going strong, Sin and co attempt to survive more on :

15 years ago today, released their first with "Warty Warthog", it changed everything.

Thanks to it, I got properly interested in again, enough to stick around.

Happy birthday Ubuntu!

We've updated our page tracking the market share on Steam, third month in a row where it actually went up

Another month has begun, lots of games ready to be written about.

Just a shout out to all of our supporters for helping push us forward. Thank you everyone!

Have you checked out our dedicated Crowdfunding Page lately? Absolutely tons of projects have released, with plenty still in development for

Have we missed some fun gaming news recently?

Be sure to keep those tips coming:

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