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If one day, Proton reaches this stage where:

- Valve actually advertise it
- Valve answer the question on who supports a game run through Proton and what happens when one entirely breaks with it
- Game developers test against Proton and properly support it and don't push out breaking patches

Then we can have the discussion on it again. Until then, no.

@linuxpaulm If we start allowing Windows games in our readers award for Linux gaming, we become just another generic award and it loses all value.

@linuxpaulm "I don't see these being excluded from GOTY discussions" -> and they will likely get very little votes and might not even be nominated at all - so that's not a point that makes much sense here

@linuxpaulm The entire point of this, is to give a little high-five to those developers who put in the effort for Linux. That's it. A bit of fun and recognition for those developers.


We're not playing down anything.

Proton is software, bundling multiple things together to enable Windows games to run on Linux.

If you want to go down that road, what about a PS4 emulator? If it enables me to play a PS4 exclusive on Linux, should we include that PS4 game in a Linux GOTY Award? I don't think so. That's where you're going with this.

As software Proton and Wine are great and they themselves are eligible and have been nominated in the correct category for voting.

Since it's been asked a few times now. Yes, we are aware - HD Remaster no longer has Linux info on the store page, it was delayed for Linux - we wrote about it in November: gamingonlinux.com/articles/com

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